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PSP - Preface

Part of the Preface to the Book:

    The Big Picture of the Big Problem, in my most humble, educated and researched view and opinion, centers around four main issues and who is behind them.

  1. MONEY

   Is money the root of all evil? Is it the love of money? Isn't money just a means to an end? Can we live without money? If we must use some medium of exchange, what should that medium be? Have you been programmed to believe these questions are just too big for your simple mind? I for one, don't believe you have a simple mind.

   Corporations are fictitious entities at law whose sole purpose it is to escape liability. The corporation's main goal and priority, by law, is profit. And usually at any and all costs. This spells unmitigated greed and power. Certainly you've heard that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

POWER (government) + GREED (corporations) = EVIL

   Therefore efficiency, abundance and sustainability are their enemies, while nature and its inhabitants suffer! This fosters scarcity by manipulation, which only equals more evil, resulting in poverty, pestilence, disease, death, destruction, etc. One can only conclude that Evil does not equal life, and certainly no incentive to live! It is in fact - L I V E backwards.

    It is no measure of health to perpetuate a sick society, or more importantly - the evil that causes it to be sick. Such a pattern is completely unsustainable and totally insane. So - are the Globalist right in that we must exterminate a majority of the people on this planet? Or are the people right in that we must exterminate the Globalist? After all, there are certainly more of us then them!

    It is past time for we the people to speak about these issues in the open. To not let fear guide your actions, to be bold and courageous in pointing out the real underlying problem. To that end - I for one, intend to do just that.

    While I was contemplating the writing of this book, it dawned on me that I should take what I learned of what one receives through a Harvard Business School education, and apply it towards the concept of the subject matter herein. What one receives via a Harvard education, for an exorbitant amount of money in my humble opinion, can be summed up as follows.
  1. Identify the problem(s)
  2. Determine the solution(s)
  3. Develop a plan to solve the problem(s) and implement the solution(s)
  4. Surround yourself with a qualified team to implement the plan.

   This book is dedicated to that ideal. We must first identify the problems. Next we must come together on a set of solutions to address those problems. In so doing, the plan should jump out at you! Finally we must take action to implement the plan. Do not skip to the end of this book looking for answers, for we must have a consensus on the problems and solutions in order to eliminate assumptions and presumptions, and avoid jumping to conclusions prior to formation of a plan.

   While this book is not intended to have all the answers, or to have the ultimate plan to solve all world problems, it is intended to be more than a beginning. For you must understand there are many who have already begun to identify and work on some solutions. But it is my humble opinion that for the most part, they fail to address the underlying root cause behind all the problems. While this book covers a number of areas and important problems, by the end one should be able to conclude that the biggest problem is not being addressed and moreover is actually being concealed. But alas, in the end truth prevails, and evil while ultimately self-corrupting, is also self-destructive.

   Perhaps the key question to ask yourself is - If the captain is trying to sabotage the ship, am I going to go down with the ship? Or, should we mount a mutiny, throw the captain and his crew overboard, in order to save the ship and the rest of us?

    For more timely information and a good intro to the the PSP Book, see my Special Report - Is Civil War Imminent?

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