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"Enjoyed hearing you on CTM! Keep the fire in your belly - it will spread!"
In Freedom, Nickey H.

"Stephen - just published a press release from you in our monthly business magazine. Thanks for sending us the info, keep us on your list."
Rick K.

"Very well done! I was impressed with the multitude of options on your CD and website. I feel energized (tho' overwhelmed) with ideas and possibilities where yesterday I felt there were few to no options. Thank you for stimulating my thought processes and revving my engines toward great possibilities for our future."
Barb K.

Front Sight Weapons Training

What is on the CD-Rom

    I'm sure you want to know what's on the CD-Rom? While it would be difficult to outline the entire contents of this CD-Rom, here are a some highlights of what's inside.


  • Important founding documents of the once great nation - USA. Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, the Federalist Papers, Articles of Confederation, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, etc.
  • 2 part document entitled "Grand Deception".
  • "Common Sense", written by Thomas Paine in 1776.
  • "Protocols of Zion", The globalist takeover and New World Order has been in the making for centuries and generations. Believe it!!! This is the document.
  • FTLAE REPORT - Federal Tax Law Administration and Enforcement - 41 pages detailing the constitutional framework for tax law, administration and enforcement.
  • The $10,000 Challenge to prove statements in this document wrong.
  • The in-famous IRON MOUNTAIN Report. Read if for yourself!
  • And more ...

  • NMT - NO MORE TAXES - The Book
  • Who Owns The Fed? Read this and find out! Did you know the Court ruled the FED is privately owned?
  • Are you a 14th Amendment citizen? And just what does that mean anyway?
  • IRS Agents Caught on Camera Lying!
  • Planned Elimination of the Middle Class
  • IRS Agents Confessions - No Authority to Assess
  • HR-3886
  • Jurisdiction Over Federal Areas Within the U.S.
  • 861 Evidence video
  • Tax Truth - Powerpoint Slideshow - More damning evidence that can be used in presentations to your attorney, court or otherwise.
  • Tax Freedom - Powerpoint Slideshow - More damning evidence that can be used in presentations to your attorney, court or otherwise.

PLUS MUCH MORE! Such as an entire section just on the Social InSecurity System. It includes;
  • Vision of IRS
  • End of Money Part 1 & 2
  • About the SSA Pub.05-10023, regarding SIN for children
  • EEOC v. ICS, the famous Taco Bell case.
  • Congressional Report Service (CRS) report on the chronology of usage of the Social Security Number "SIMDOC".

COURT CASES: Including the following wins against the IRS
  • USA Vs. Long
  • USA Vs. Cheek
  • Press Article - US Vs. Scott
  • Scott Trial Parts 1-4
  • Letter from IRS showing / proving, NO TAX requirements for a Pure Trust Organization! NO TAX for PTO !

Plus the Book that is Destined to Help Change the World, WORLD PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS and a PLAN, incl.
  • Government coverups, covert operations, Bankster Fraud
  • Discover the Origin of Man, of Evil, the Illuminati, and Money
  • The Hidden Luiciferian Cabal exposed
  • The War Machine Racket
  • Solutions regarding the hidden source of the World's Problems
  • Hidden and forbidden technologies revealed that can help set mankind free
  • A Plan of Action to Reverse the Destructive Path
  • A Plan to Rejuvinate and Truly Liberate Mankind on a Path of Love, Peace, Liberty and Justice for All.
  • A new paradigm shift is underway! Can you feel it? Are you ready?


Did I say much more? When I had my first domain up -, my motto was ... "Always Give Them More Than They Expect". I have also included the TOP TEN Survival Manuals. Such as;
  • Military First Aid Manual
  • Army Survival Manual
  • Rangers Handbook
  • NATO Emergency War Surgery
  • Combined Arms Operation in Urban Terrain
  • Survival - Evasion - Recovery Manual
  • Guide to Raised Bed Gardening
  • Guide to Canning
  • Where There is No Dentist

    PLUS More Possible Solutions and Useful Information. This CD-Rom is full of information in multimedia formats such as PDF documents, Audio/Video, and PowerPoint. IRS Agents coming from out of the shadows to join our side. Information on a group called "We The People" and "State Nationals". What they are doing to help restore the soevereignty of the people, and what you can do to help. This CD-Rom is the Best Bang for your Buck! As both books are on the CD for less than the cost of both books, plus all the other info.

    Now is the time for you to consider the Ramifications of making Contributions to the Political & Religious Beast Systems! YES - the Truth is Out There! Get this CD-Rom Now! Or at least, get the PSP book.

    If cost is not so much of an obstacle, you may want to consider - the Whole Shabang! The Total Pkg. includes a Hardcopy of both NMT & PSP books, as well as the CD-Rom for less than the price of each added together. So much precious and valuable information here that took decades of people researching, and much sacrifice to bring all this material into focus. DO NOT LET IT GO TO WASTE! What if there was a Plan - And you did nothing!?!? READ the books and pass them on. You still have it on the CD for valuable and permanent future reference and resource for you and your family.

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