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ARTICLE: Date 26 December 2015

    Where To Invest for Positive Gains?

    Most "arm chair traders" understand that in times of concern, you park you money in safe havens such as Cash or Bonds. Parking your cash in a Bank is a losing proposition these days as they pay nothing, and in some parts of the world the Bank charges you to park "your" money at their corporate establishment.

    As for Bonds, junk bonds are just that. Corporations offer their bonds which brings in money but they use it to buy back their shares. This of course artificially inflates their company valuation which they use to justify higher bonuses for this fraud perpetrated upon the hapless "arm chair" investor. As for Government Bonds, there has been no interest to speak of - so again ... NO gain there either.

    As for the stock market, as mentioned above, stock buybacks by insiders artificially lifted the market during the FED's QE (quantitative easing) is by no means permanent, and have currently (end 2015) reached the end of that cycle. This puts the unknowing investors at risk of being on the wrong side of a "pull back" in the market, or worse a collapse. As my powerpoint shows (see previous article), the biggest cycle is showing we are about to enter a contracted move down into the year 2020. And RIGHT NOW, it has really reached a crescendo. The U.S. stock market crashes 12 to 18 months after a peak in corporate profit margins. We are now (Dec. 2015) 15 months past that peak. Two major FED banks have predicted 65% & 76% chance of going into a recession. DUH! Of the 93 largest stock market indexes in the world, 47 of them are down 10 to 50% in 2015. The CRASH has begun! Again, look at my previously posted powerpoint slideshow to see why! Its only a matter of time before it hits the once great US of A.

    Goldman Sachs senior rates strategist Silvia Ardagna told clients last week (2nd wk Dec.2015) the market is mispricing the potential of rising inflation:

"As unemployment continues to fall and excess slack gets absorbed, we expect that US core and services inflation, which are already contributing about 2 percent to headline inflation, will continue to accelerate gradually but faster than the market expects."

    To use ex-Fed Chairman Greenspan's phrase - "irrational exuberance" makes investors comfortable in upward markets and is the norm before a market collapse! Trying to time these markets with VIX or Options has been a losing proposition for even the pros.

    Understand that these markets are primarily driven by the Big Banks. Since the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act (Enacted 1933 - Repealed 1999), they have their greedy hands in where they don't belong wreaking havoc and causing chaos. Worse, they hedge their bets against the taxpayer, expecting bailouts when it all unravels. With over 100 Trillion in derivatives contracts, in an illiquid market, it won't be long until those bailouts will be required by the Bankster Cartel. In FACT, the European Bank Bail-ins will start Jan. 01, 2016. Just like what happened in Cyprus, the central banks will start confiscating peoples deposits to cover their "ASSets". Recently in Nov. 2015, an Italian pensioner hanged himself after his entire savings was confiscated. This is what is in store for 2016 - massive sacrifice of savings and jobs due to "risky" global derivatives banking scheme.

    Still want to invest in your Bank? See my Oct. 2014 article - Collapse of the House of Paper. For why and how these Central Banks have such a stranglehold on our monetary policy, foreign policy, and economy - read my NMT & PSP books. The Big Financial Collapse is happening NOW! It is only a matter of time, when the Federal Reserve Banks will do the same to You! Today, you cannot withdraw all of "your money" out of their banks! Try it!

    The big elephant in the room used to be China. But lately their demand is drying up due to their Real Estate bubble. When it bursts ... what do you think will happen? Their market (CSCI - China Shanghai Composite Index) already popped, crashing 45% from June to August 2015. Their government spent 200 Billion trying to stabilize it, however their outlook favors more pain. This explains why raw materials are now trading at a discount to the cost of production.

    With the affects of El Nino, we will continue to see volatile weather patterns. This along with aquifers drying up, will cause the grain markets to be inflated leading to unsustainable agriculture in the US and around the world. Because of El Nino we will also see Tornadoes sweeping across the Central Plains to the East Coast again due to big fronts pulling up moisture from the Gulf and the warm moist air colliding with the cold air behind these fronts. Prepare for unseasonable temps, mudslides on the west coast, drought in the SW, tornadoes in central part, and flooding in the NE.

    The only commodity I see as worthy of investment is precious metals, which inherently go up during a crisis and has historically been a store of value against inflation. This goes for mining company share prices as well, as they still have decent PE values. Any company weathering this storm will be very profitable under the opposite scenario - as in a crash.

    Gold is still being used as REAL currency. Take for example the situation with Iran. Turkey is buying Iranian oil and gas paying in gold and the Turkish lira, which Iran would also trade for gold (Link: Full Article). Iran would then be able to trade/buy within the international markets for what they wanted. They were forced to do this because the U.S. and European banking interests banned payments in U.S. dollars (ie. Federal Reserve Notes) or Euros to Iran via the SWIFT - Int'l Money Transfer System. Today Turkey is purchasing ISIS (a U.S. front - CIA created and backed terrorist group) Oil and paying in U.S. dollars! Let that sink in a moment ... as Paul Harvey would say - "Now you know the Rest of the Story". Stay tuned for Page 2 - Mystery of Dubai's Vaporized Gold. This may have been the biggest gold smuggling ring in history, resulting in untold riches for everyone involved. And it took place right under the nose of the U.S. and global community for years, allowing Iran to skirt international sanctions using gold as a barter tool to keep its economy going. The scandal involved China, Russia, Dubai, UAE, U.S., Turkey, and an anonymous Swiss Bank!

    Consider carefully what you are investing in. Especially now that Oil has crashed; Commodities have crashed; Precious Metals have crashed; Junk Bonds have crashed; Chinese stocks have crashed; and as stated above - more than 1/2 of Largest World Indexes have crashed! The Global Meltdown has begun! Ask yourself - Are you investing in Big Pharma only to capitalize on making people sick and causing death by heart attack or stroke? Are you investing in dirty oil, which pollutes and damages our environment? Are you investing in the petro-chemical market polluting our food and water, generating GMO frankenfoods? If you are investing in any thing that feeds the Globalist Power Structure - you are feeding the BEAST and causing destruction and death for the rest of us. And we don't appreciate your stupidity and greed. Remember - what goes around, comes around!

    Stop investing toward our destruction. Time to EXIT the Market! When and if you do invest again - Better to invest in positive growth toward new inventions for power, ie. green technologies, that will produce a harmonious and sustainable future for tomorrows world. Follow the PLAN set out in my PSP Book, else come up with a new one ... but at least be Solution conscious and not part of the Problem!

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