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ARTICLE: 31 October 2014


    A Wall Street Journal article brought to our attention damning admissions by JPMorgan’s (JPM) CEO and Chairman of the Board, Jamie Dimon, that the U.S. must create a "Safe Harbor" where JP Morgan Chase Bank's corruption is "not punished".

    Mr. Dimon said in a January 2014 interview on CNBC that it has been a ‘norm of business for years’ for banks to hire [ex government officials and the] 'sons and daughters of companies’ [controlling officers] and to give them ‘proper jobs’ without violating the law. ‘But we got to figure out exactly how to create a safe harbor for that so you don’t…end up getting punished,’ he told the interviewer, according to a CNBC transcript.

    The interviewer was by Andrew Ross Sorkin (CNBC), and as Jamie Dimon attempts to keep asserting his profressionalism he reveals his bankster side. Sorkin brings up the fact that JPM hires “Chinese princelings” to curry favor with their parents. Dimon responds that “I’m not going to go through any of the current” governmental investigations of JPM. To Sorkin’s credit, he asks a follow-up about JPM losing a potential IPO engagement with a Chinese firm due to a “Chinese princeling” issue. Dimon responds with this a fabulous line: “we’re trying to make decisions that try to make us as pure as possible.” Yes, Dimon rebrands JPM as purer than Ivory soap. His very next argument is this is why it is essential that the governments create a “safe harbor” so that JPM can hire the princelings and ex government officials in order to curry favor with the elites that control firms and governmental agencies without any risk of “punishment”. You know, “as pure as possible”.

    Recently Jamie Dimon stated "mortgage credit is too tight". Mel Watt, head of Federal Housing Finance Authority who regulates Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, also joined Dimon in his squirrelly logic by introducing a plan to offer mortgages with 3% down. In addition, there are a number of DC politicians who want to again stimulate the housing industry. This after spending Trillions of bailout and stimulus packages, and laying all this increased debt burden on your back, rewarding you with a dismal, paltry and anemic recovery. Obviously these people, as I write about in my PSP book, suffer many mental illnesses. I suggest they be injected with several doses of Big Pharma's most powerful psychotropic drugs, like they give to school age children, to allieviate them of thier painful mental disorders.

    This is why we have been seeing the BRICS nations making their move to shut down these low life global Luciferian Bankster criminals. Witness what gold expert Harvey Ogran has to say in the following video.

By December This Whole Thing Is Going to Collapse

    Harvey Organ says the world is running out of physical gold and silver needed to suppress prices. Harvey says when China and Russia disclose the true amount of gold they hold, there will be a price spike never before seen in the history of the world. They will more than likely take over COMEX, the U.S. precious metals exchange, to call in their long Futures Contracts on Gold and Silver.

    Meanwhile the EBOLA scare in West Africa is probably a cover so they can confiscate mining operations. It is business as usual for the warmongering U.S. corporate/military/government established criminal enterprise. They must have all the poppy/cocaine they need from Afghanistan as they are now pulling out, but leaving a paltry 10,000 troops to provide security and monitor the production in the fields.

    You see, the central banksters fiat paper money scam is to simply paper over failed banks, mortgage meltdowns, etc. They simply lay the blame on the people and the government bails them out, laying all the debt onto the backs of all the sheeple. Their fiat paper machine seems to roll on endlessly ... except in the Precious Metals Market. As I have been writing about their intervention (ie. manipulation and suppression) in the Gold and Silver markets, it doesn't take but a school kid to figure out they can't print Gold. They can't use some alchemy to turn lead into Gold. The Market requires physical Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, etc. Their manipulation into the precious metals market is therefore finite, so at some point in time - it must come to an end. In case you need background info on the Luciferian globalist Bankster Ponzi Fiat Money Scam, please watch the video below.

Primer on Money As Debt

    The good people of the United States talk about the favored One Percent Elite, but they really have no idea who the banksters are, what they do, devices they use, controls they exert, or influence they peddle. If only they knew how these Banksters and Illuminati installed Corp. kingpins write Congressional legislation and tap markets for illicit gains and scams. Their huge penalties and fines for criminal behavior are incorporated into their business models. Crime is an ongoing and growing expense in their cost of doing business.

    When the Shanghai shock comes, via the Shanghai Gold Exchange trading in real gold and thereby the world will discover its true value .... all the Paper Structures could possible FAIL! FOREX derivatives may COLLAPSE !! Many traders could go into Panic Mode ! ! ! One Caveat to watch is the shuffling of Bankster kingpins such as the head of Deutshe Bank being replaced by an ex Goldman Sachs executive. They have announced the bank will charge its depositors for the privilege of holding their customers money. Called negative interest rates, this is theft by consent, as you consent to it if you deposit your money with that bank. Watch for this to happen in the USA.

    It is past time for the Moneychangers of the Luciferian Bankster Cabal, the Masters of the House of Paper, to fall. However, this may mean more Wars and designer Viruses before its all said and done! Remember their stated goal, as witnessed on the Georgia Guidestones, is to reduce the world population down to only 500 million. Which means that 6.5 Billion people must die, and that most likely means you! How, uhh haven't you been paying attention? Didn't you read my PSP Book? Regarding the chemical cocktails in your water - chlorine, fluoride; the chemtrails in the air; the GMO foods you eat; they are poisoning the very air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. And Big Pharma does not want you to know the Truth About Cancer. Welcome to the Police State, where the Army admits plan to Execute Americans En Masse.

Again ... Something has to change!
What if there was a Plan, and You did NOTHING?

Stephen R. Renfrow©
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