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ARTICLE: 20 July 2014

    The House That BRICs Built

    After recent events, I feel the need to bring people up to speed as to what I wrote in the PSP book regarding the BRICS nations and their endeavor to combat the U.S. FED fiat currency scheme. In case you didn't know, BRICS nations are Brazil, Russia, India, China and S. Africa.

    These BRICS nations are building an impenetrable wall, BRIC by BRIC, so to speak against the Federal Reserve Corp.'s toilet paper, erroneously called - a dollar. They know the wrting on the wall, and it spells doomsday for the once great USA. They know the U.S. declared Bankruptcy in 1933 and are therefore insolvent, as well as all Banks, Businesses, and Individuals in the United States. It is all kept afloat by lies and propaganda, controlling the mindset of the public.

    The goal of the BRIC nations is to completely avoid doing business with the U.S. using FED Funny Money. While the U.S. Prez is out playing golf, his cronies are managing the collapse of the once great empire. He has brought onboard many antichrist muslims, communists and fascist who are more than willing to sacrifice the U.S. on Satans altar, while MSM (mainstream media) turns their boob-toob audience in to communist sympathizers - seemingly without their knowledge.

    There are strong ties between Russia and China, and one of them is Germany who is increasing their ties with China. These three cornerstone nations are certainly a powerhouse to be reckoned with in their own right. But when more and more nations side with the BRIC nations against the U.S. war mongers with their funny money - well, let's just say the writing is on the wall for the once great US of A.

    It seems that the U.S. corpora ficta entity has absolutely NOTHING, NADA to offer these other countries who are pro business and building their base currency around gold. They have been dumping their U.S. "dollars" for years. Unlike the U.S. FED Ponzi scheme of fiat worthless funny money backed by nothing, the BRICs are building their own banking cartel built with Gold and Energy, to make the IMF obsolete. And when the U.S. currency collapses, and pecious metals skyrocket, these BRIC nations will be doing very well while the "Straw House" America built will implode and the U.S. will finally be worse than dirt poor.

    Never forget who is assuming to be in control. Their power is waining. But like a bear shot only once, it will flail around bringing down trees as it falls due to its slow and impending death. We are witnessing this tragic fall. It remains to be seen, just how much destruction will lay in the wake of its demise, and if you will be one of the victims. Monday, 14 of July 2014, $3.7 Billion was placed to short Gold at the markets open. While the pull back wasn't much, the new uptrend is still intact and I perceive it to remain so for several months. This tells me as a technical analyst, that some more "bad news" is in the cards for next month in August 2014. The rest of this year should prove interesting once again ... for those who like wild roller coaster rides.

    It is my intention, to notify the world, that some of us in the USA are aware of all this and are not as dumb as you think we are. Some of us at least. There are even some in upper government that realize what is playing out on the world scene. Those that don't know, and have not connected the dots yet, whether you are in the U.S. or outside of it, need to understand that there are Solutions to these Problems. And there is a Plan. The more people that know this information and realize their is a Plan, the sooner we can turn this around and get on with living a productive life, based on Truth, Libety and Freedom for All while we also promote a sustainable environment that supports such a life on this or any other planet.

    To understand these solutions and see the plan, get the book - "World Problems, Solutions, and a Plan".

    Listen to a short 14 min. interview with retired Border Patrol agent - Zack Taylor on this YouTube Video. Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions.

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