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ARTICLE: 14 November 2014

   How U.S. Congress Prostitutes for MONEY

    In case you believe that U.S. Congressmen and Senators are simply darling angels looking out for your best interest from on high ... I'm going to bust that figment of your imagination - in this article. For months now, the U.S. Securities and Exchnage Commission (SEC) has been investigating leaked inside information from the government to certain corporations who are profiting from that information. But why now? Well, not only because it's their job, but also because of pressure by the people. For example, in April 2013 more than 150 clients of Height Securities were sent an email regarding Medicare/Medicaid Services which allowed them, as well as other hedge fund traders, to take advantage of that intel just minutes before a federal announcement allowing them to profit over the next several days as insurance company stocks soared. Talk about an unfair advantage! The source of that intel? Brian Sutter, a top health care aid to the House of Representatives who had the audacity, from being advised by DC attorneys, to refuse compliance with an SEC subpoena. The SEC had to file a lawsuit in order to force turn over of evidence. Based on the emails and phone records, Mr. Sutter spoke to healthcare lobbyist Mark Hayes who previously worked for Height Securities and informed his buddies within 10 minutes of the inside information. Apparently this is why people want to get involved with Washington, D.C. Everybody is out for what they can get. To hell with - "it is better to give than to receive".

    In addition to insider trading via straight intel from Washington D.C., we as investors in the "general populace" have to deal with other forms of corporate shenanigans. IBM, aka Big Blue, like many corporations the past few years since 2008, had their earnings increased steadily even though revenues have remained relatively flat. How can that be - you ask? I call it - "corpora ficta magic". For the first half of 2014 IBM spent $12 Billion on its own shares. Moreover, it has spent approx. $108 Billion since 2000 on share buybacks. While this made shareholders happy with dividends (which was the corporate goal - so the public would keep investing, helping to prop up the market) it also made executives happy as their compensation in the form of stock options means the higher the share price, the more money they make. But the downside is, by reducing the pool of outstanding shares, via the buybacks with debt instead of retained earnings, they are in effect liquidating themselves. They are also guilty of not following good business practices, by failing to invest any profit in growing market share, developing new products, and improving production efficiency which are basic fundamentals that drive performance. Is it because there is no profit? Are they not worried about tomorrow? Do they think all that matters is what you can "get" today? Or pull out of the market from hapless arm chair investors? Based on this inforamtion ... Do you think this is sustainable boys and girls? Would you invest in such an envrionment? Would you trust these corporations? But wait - there's more!

    For those that read my PSP Book, you know full well the problems associated with lobbying. It damn well should be against the law. It's called - Bribery! These corpora ficta entities throw 100s of Millions of dollars into the Hip Nat'l Banks of these lawyers who sit in offices of "public trust". To me, that is a violation of that office of the publics trust. These people, mostly lawyers (did you read that chapter?), apparently do not care about the people who voted for them. Perhaps its because you were tricked into putting either a Democrat or Republican in office. Besides, it takes an exhorbitant amount of money to be paid to the mainstream media outlets to propagandize their campaign.

In that regard, here is a countdown of the Top Ten Corporations Buying Congressional Favors since 2009 (not including the 4th quarter 2014).

10. Pfizer - $77,800,000
9. Lockheed Martin - $78,800,000
8. Exxon Mobil - $85,000,000
7. FedEx Corp. - $85,700,000
6. Verizon Communications - $86,400,000
5. Comcast Corp. - $86,400,000
4. Northrop Grumman - $87,900,000
3. Boeing Co. - $90,300,000
2. A T & T - $91,200,000
1. General Electric Co. - $134,000,000

    Now, how can YOU compete with those numbers? Who is watching out for your concerns? This explains why your freedoms are being eroded; the police harass you when they arrest you in traffic; why you are made to BUY Car INSURANCE you don't want, don't need, and can't afford, and now, since the insurance companies have succeeded in that scheme - they have mandated you pay for Health Insurance! So it seems, the lawyering crooks in DC, who are supposed to be protecting You, have failed in their public duty and peoples trust, and are complicit in the conspiracy to rob you, by so called "legal means"!

    The sad fact is, they have laws written up to be passed that protects them in whatever scheme their evil empire desires to compel you to perform to. And that means by force of arms via the U.S. corporate/military/industrial complicit Police State which seems to be occupied mostly by ex-military government trained killers turned loose on the general populace. And if you are overseas, directly by the military itself, which seems to made up in large part of young teenage boys and girls right out of high school, who probably have never read the constitution and know only to OBEY their "superiors". Nevermind the "domestic enemy within", and with few exceptions, would not be able to recognize the evil until it is too late. However, the few that do are now grouping together, such as the Oath Keepers.

    Where does it end, if you don't stand up and put a stop to it. Next they will be strip searching you on the roadside. Oh wait - they already are!!! Or they may decide to search everyone who gets on a commercial airplane, or desire to go to big public forums such as a football game. Oh wait - they already do that as well. Just think ... if you refused to go flying on a commercial jet, or to any entertainment arena where they are searching people, they will be forced to reconsider as now they have hurt the business by violating peoples rights as the people refuse to surrender under such facist NAZI actions.

    In addition, as part of the PLAN in my PSP book, we should PROTECT and REWARD Whistleblowers who come forth to shine a light on criminal behavior. See the video below for a recent account of one who brought us the inside story of how the U.S. government let the giant Bankster firm of JP Morgan Chase off the hook despite massive criminal securities fraud. That's right - CRIMINAL FRAUD. And yet they walk this Earth UNPUNISHED! Could you get away with that?

    You may also remember, that a year ago (Nov. 2013) JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bear Stearns, and Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu) admitted to misrepresentations leading to the mortgage crisis, causing the CRASH of 2008, and the lawsuit brought by the U.S. Justice Dept. (only after public outcry) resulting in the "largest settlement ever levied against a financial institution" of $13,000,000,000 (BILLION) in order to avoid criminal charges! This money however, did not go to the people who were injured, like us, but to the government and of course, the government lawyers who no doubt are retired now. But to the International Luciferian Bankster Cabal, it's no skin off their back, as they are allowed to get by with criminal actions such as fraud, theft, and being able to print money out of thin air seemingly indefinitely. After all, nowadays it's only computer digits in cyberspace! Do You have that ability? Here is a Bankster Secret - This is why in any loan, if you rescind that loan, you can not pay them back in like kind. Here is another secret - if there are violations regarding the loan papers or procedure, under Truth in Lending Act (TILA) you have upto 3 years to rescind the loan. More about our case against WaMu, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank later. For now .... Watch the Video!

Alayne Fleschman - JP Morgan Chase Whistleblower
Breaks Silence on Massive Criminal Securities Fraud

(Video: 38 min; 7 Nov. 2014)

    So what will it take for people to say .. No More! And will it be too late? You say, what can I do? For starters, READ the PSP Book - "WORLD PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, and a PLAN". You can also click on Strategic Alliances and join a group that fits your interest. Voice your opinion to the local news media. The editor of your local newspaper. Call your Reps. in Congress. Mail them a letter. Join local groups and discuss what laws your local congressman has broken. Be willing to be a part of a Grand Jury. Visit to find out more about the Grand Jury process - how it was lost to the people, and how 'we the people' are now re-establishing that right. It is your duty as a Citizen.

Quo Warranto (Video: 46 min; uploaded 8 Nov. 2014)
ATTENTION: All Persons Occupying Seats of Public Trust
You have been NOTICED - We are coming after you!

    NEWS FLASH! Just before I posted this, we noticed Regulators in the U.S., Britain and Switzerland ordered five major banks to pay aproximately $3.3 billion. Supposedly to be the first wave of penalties since authorities began their global probe into the rigging of the foreign-exchange market last year. Switzerland’s UBS AG was ordered to pay the most at $800 million, according to U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Citigroup Inc. will pay $668 million, followed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. at $662 million. Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc was fined about $634 million and HSBC Holdings Plc $618 million. Barclays Plc, which had been in settlement talks, said it wasn’t ready for a deal. Folks, this is just a slap on the wrist and will do NOTHING to stem the tide of Criminal Bankster Fraud.

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