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ARTICLE: 7 June 2014

    The REAL STORY of 1st Quarter U.S. Growth

    How much did the U.S. economy manage to "grow" in the first quarter of 2014? According to the government's revised estimate - negative One percent. I always wait for their "revised estimate". This means that after more than $800 billion in stimulus spending from Washington; more than $3 trillion of QE from the Federal Reserve; six-plus years of record-low interest rates; record levels of monetary intervention in the U.K., Japan and Europe; and the biggest bailouts in the history of the world - the U.S. economy shrunk by 1 percent.

    How PATHETIC is that!?!? That is the worst quarter in 3 years! And yet the U.S. Stock Market is edging its way ever higher in Overbought Territory. Does that sound like a stable economy to you? Worthy of a sustainable Stock Market evaluation? Surely traders will discover this en-masse and start dumping their worthless paper and IOUs. Right now, the ONLY logical explanation for any market growth is due to massive takeovers, stock buybacks, and job cuts. These are called shareholder friendly actions. How long do you think that will last? Can stocks continue to rally if there is no growth?

    How can Investors put that much faith in this kind of a market? Perhaps it is not the investors, so much as it is the Money Managers of Funds. What investors, and people in general, need to understand is that Economic Theory is just that - Theory! Those who would like to tell you that they possess all the answers to your money problems, and that their "theory" is the ONLY correct one for any and all circumstances are full of BS. Besides mature people trying to invest and grow their portfolios, I can't help but think of the younger generation.

    What is a young person to think when considering college and going in debt for $35,000 to $55,000 or more for the next 15 years of their life? How are they going to pay off that debt if they can't get a job? Should they be pushing that button for "max loan" without a wit of understanding the consequences? Surely not, but Thank God the enrollments are down for Lawyer School. In fact, some are being sued for lying about the prospects. Who is lying to these people prior to choosing that non-profession of Decepticons. The U.S. has more Lawyers than any country; more people in jail than any country; and with ONLY 5% of the world's population, consumes more than 55% of Big Pharma's drugs causing massive numbers of deaths including suicides.

    Meanwhile Big Brother is watching you and building massive database entries on every person. Does what I'm writing herein make me a Terrorist? After reading my PSP book, you will know who the REAL Terrorists are! But if we work together, spreading the word and coming to a consensus on the Problems, Solutions, and a Plan - we can indeed change the direction of mankind to a sustainable, peaceful future for all mankind and his environment.
Details inside!

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