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ARTICLE: 25 May 2014

    When Will Gold & Silver Blast Off?

    When is it going to happen? When is Gold and Silver going to Blast Off? This is the question I get asked most often. Fact is, very few know, and those that know are not going to tell the rest of us. But many factors have already occured, therefore we know it is just around the corner. The signs are everywhere - IF, one knows where to look. Notice this chart of the S&P 500.


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    It isn't rocket science! Perhaps anyone can determine what will soon happen. Consider: Physical PM shortages, depleted physical for delivery on exchanges, record buying by the public, world-wide, record buying by China, corrupt central banker price manipulation, government theft or confiscation, unlimited derivative exposure, existing demand for the physical that far outstrips available known supply, unlimited printing of fiat funny money that can only result in currency destruction, civil unrest in many countries, any one of which could lead to a wider war, plus a litany of unknowns that can be important.

    The good news is that we do not need to actually know the "When?" All that matters is to be prepared for the eventuality. If you are prepared, then you will have accomplished one of the most important responsibilities for wealth protection/preservation/growth as a means for survival. Better to be secure in the knowledge that you have done what you need to do, and instead, start to relax and learn to enjoy more out of life.

    The time to act and be better prepared is now, and at Gold and Silver prices you and your children, and your children's children will not likely ever see again. Those who are disheartened because events have not occurred in the time sequence that was hoped for are missing the point. This is not a get-rich-quick scenario confronting almost all of us. This is a matter of survival. All anyone can do is prepare. One does not eat well and exercise to live longer, one does both to be in the best possible health to live each new day. As it happens, those who watch their intake and take care of their physical health to enjoy daily living also tend to live longer, as an added reward. Once the event does happen, that propels the U.S. FRNs lower and Precious Metals higher, you will feel a sense of relief for having waited so long, and a sense of accomplishment for having prepared.

    There is another issue not talked about, which is one of the main subjects of my PSP book, and that is the seeming failure of the self-righteous elites who appear to be forced to sell their gold. The very foundation of the Rothschild formula is the acquisition of mostly gold, and also silver, in exchange for debt-based currency. There has not been a more devious and destructive cabal than those that comprise the Rothschild-founded Central Bankster Ponzi Fiat monetary system.

    Most astute people in the USA know that the U.S. dollar is the world reserve currency. But perhaps few realize that it is the U.S. greatest weapon. As such, our money forms the basis of the global financial system. And banks around the world hold our dollars in reserve against their loans. That’s why, for the past few decades, we have been able to print and borrow trillions of dollars, with no real negative impact.

    This also means, the U.S. is the only country in the world that does not have to pay for imports in a foreign currency. The U.S. Government can rack up enormous debts and then print more money out of thin air. But this exorbitant privilege will soon expire, because many of the most powerful countries around the world (including China and Russia) are looking for a new world reserve currency. In fact, China has just signed bilateral currency swaps agreements with Central Banks and Governments from nearly two dozen countries. Two banks in China and Russia recently signed deals to bypass the U.S. fiat FRNs (federal reserve notes) in order to pay each other in local currency. Certainly more will follow.

    When the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency… when the U.S. can no longer print money and borrow absurd sums without consequence – well, that's when SHTF scenario will begin. That day of reckoning may very soon be upon us.

    What keeps them in power? Your consent to the built-in structure they have accumulated in every major Western government under their control, which also includes the most powerful military, and the media to keep the masses dumbed down. The perverted transition of the United States from a sovereign Republic, with an organic Constitution that limits government, to a Globalist Central Bankster controlled, bankrupt corporation, known as the federal U.S., with its substituted federal statutory constitution that replaced the original, is the premier example of how the Globalist work through stealth, and over decades, to accomplish their vile ends.

So what is left to ask is ... Who will stop the Reign of Terror!?!?

Stephen R. Renfrow©
SRR/all rights reserved

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