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ARTICLE: 24 March 2018

    Space - Are We There Yet?

    We told you "disclosure" is coming. We are demanding Full Disclosure. Whistleblowers from the Secret Space Program (SSP) are telling us that there are some forces within the off-world groups that have realized they've been lied to, and that there really are people suffering down here on Earth under an evil regime. That evil regime has been confronted, and there are allegedly agreements in place as some within the "cabal" are surrendering under favorable terms. The rest are fighting against disclosure and we are witnessing the results, as they attempt to manage it, but albeit in a watered down version then what was planned. So the story goes! Or, it may be just a ruse to keep the people silent and quelled while the globalist go about their plans to kill off 6.5 Billion people on planet Earth.

    But we don't have that kind of technology to go "off-world". There is no such hi-tech. Roswell didn't happen. There were no UFOs over Malmstrum AFB that shut down our missles within the silos in the Dakotas. There were no UFOs flying over Washington DC in mid 1954. All those abductions could not have happened. All "those people" are simply hallucinating. What doctors have dug out of people could not possibly be put there by aliens from another world. There is nothing that exist outside of our eyesight.

    Oh contrare! Proof abounds young skywalker. I find it interesting that as soon as some intel is disclosed, NASA through mainstream media (MSM, ie propaganda machine) puts out that they knew this all along. Funny! Why didn't they mention it before? Appreciate that one has to have an open mind to conceive of the FACT that there is life in the universe and life in abundance. Such is the nature of the "Source Field" of which I write about in my book "WORLD PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS AND A PLAN" (PSP book). The Universal Consciousness within the Source Field is constantly creating life everywhere. Life springs forth from seemingly nothing. It is simply the nature of creation. As we have recently found life, even on planet Earth, where it was never suspected of existing by mainstream science.

    So, what does this science and hi-tech look like? To picture to the left is the bottom of one of ours! A TR3-B (aka Black Triangle, Black Manta). At, they state - "It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. Conventional thrusters located at the tips of the craft allow it to perform all manner of rapid high speed maneuvers along all three axes. Interestingly, the plasma generated also reduces radar signature significantly." For more info watch this video on TR6, TELOS and TR3-B. I like this one on the USAF Black TRiangle as well.

    Witness the science, in this video, of the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive, Part 1. And here is Part 2. For you science enthusiasts, here is a Link to the Document - The Warp Drive: Hyper-fast Travel Within General Relativity. And, Here is a Link to the Document - Quantum Vacuum Engineering for Power and Propulsion from the Energetics of Space. You may also want to Visit the Quantum Vacuum Engineering Website.

    For those not interested in reading, You may find it very interesting to listen to Miquel Alcubierre. Watch and listen to him in this video from the 2017 Starship Congress with his slideshow on Faster than the Speed of Light.

    If this conflicts with your understanding based on the mass false paradigm taught as "Einstein's theory", I urge you to watch on NetFlix - "Einstein's Biggest Blunder". As I tell friends and family, "the speed of light is dependant upon the medium through which it passes. Meaning, it may be, and most probably is, different depending on which galaxy you are in. And whether you are measuring inside or outside of a magnetic field, or gravity field, or atmosphere," etc. etc. The most important result of relativity is the discovery that it is not relative.

    In case you didn't know, there were many unsuccessful attempts of the military/industrial complex to back-engineer crashed craft in the 1940's. Afterward, they attempted to develop antigravity flying vehicles patterned after the Nazi flying saucers (aka Haunebu, pictured below).

    Failing that, they then stole the working flying saucers of Prof. John Searle and Otis T. Carr as I mentioned on my PSP book. In the late 1950's when they finally had working versions, it all went black. This is where the missing TRILLIONS of taxpayer money went. To fund their off-world enterprise and missions into deep space... albeit at OUR expense, while not letting us know, therefore keeping us dumbed down and subservient under their evil regime, dirty politics, nasty businesses such as Big Oil, Big Pharma, Babylonian monetary ponzi scam, etc.

    Therefore, enough is enough. It is past time, 60+ years past time, for full disclosure of the Star Trek future we have paid for, that is being held from humanity for their own selfish and evil greed. The people off-world have been lied to, and used as slaves for the corporatocracy "rich men of the Earth" and it is time for all of mankind to enjoy the fruits of these new energy devices that will help set mankind free. Instead of living like dogs scrounging for scraps and slaving for corpra ficta entities, under a corrupt judicial system, while the lawyering syndicate illegally occupying seats of public trust feed off the taxpayer teats of a bloated government beast system, and the police state beats everyone into submission under a tyranny of 1000's of corporate mandated laws that makes everyone a criminal.

    I am SHOCKED that we the people in America have not risen to arrest these megalomaniacal psychopaths under treason to discover who is giving them their marching orders. I know who they are! They are mentioned in my PSP book. Starting at the top, we have the "Inner Circle" of 12. Under them the Committe of 100. Under them the Committee of 200, then the Committee of 300. So there is your homework boys and girls. And to you Muslims ... those are the ones you should be going after. There is your head of the evil snake. They are your targets, and they may or may not be in the USA. In fact, you will find most of the Inner Circle elsewhere. We the people in the USA had our chance to ferret them out. Apparently we are too lazy! Does this mean the people of these united States should die for that? It is not "we the people" of these unites States that wish Death from the Air upon people in other parts of the world. Get the "Head of the Snake", but put them on Trial for all of planet Earth to witness. Probe for the answers. Then show the world what we do to such unspeakable evil as these tyrants.

So, Are we there yet? We've been there for a long time.


Are You ready?

    BE a part of Postive Change - Visit National Liberty Alliance and take the Free Constitution Course and Civics Course. Get involved - and Hold Them Accountable!

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