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ARTICLE: 20 May 2022

    When Did the Republic Fall? Who Brought It Down, and WHY?

    While contemplating turning 65 in a few days, I thought back in time. Back in time to contemplate, When did the Republic fall or go down? Who brought it down, and WHY? With history revisionist running rampant, we need to remember the following historical facts. Historical knowledge helps to put current issues into perspective. For example: Have You pledged allegiance to the Flag, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands? Yet many people refer to the USA as a Democracy. IF IT IS - When did it change and How did it happen?

    In 1750 the British Bar was established in the colonies to abrogate the Common Law and suppress the beginning of the American rebellion steered by Benjamin Franklin.

    In 1819 the original ratified 13th Amendment that prevented the BAR (British Accrediation Registry) members from holding an office of public trust was removed by the BAR controlled congress and replaced with another sometime before 1865.

    In 1822, the British Monarch and the Pope secretly agree to undermine the American system of government via the Treaty of Verona. The British Monarch, and the Pope, breach their trust as international trustees. They set out a covert action and issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to the members of the BAR allowing them to act as Foreign Agents on American soil and as privateers free to plunder American Commerce.

    Organic Act of 1871 - the BAR controlled 41st Congress under Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62, created a foreign government (state) within a state (D.C.) within a city forming a corporation called the UNITED STATES, INC. owned by foreign interests. 28 USC 3002 Definitions: (15) United States means (A) a Federal Corporation. By high treason the 41st Congress acting without constitutional authority, via conspiracy, fraud, and subversion, established a totalitarian government unaccountable to we the sovereign people. This is when, under foreign control, began the conspiratorial erosion of our Constitution and transformed our unalienable rights to civil rights, our Republic into a Democracy, the U.S. to a Corp. and the Law of Nature's God to civil and criminal laws which have their roots in Babylon. This placed our Republic and our Rights under fiction of law, and as long as people believe the fiction is law ... it is!


    1910 Conspiracy at Jekyll Island - in another act of high treason, six men - Nelson Aldrich, Abram Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg (who started the Illuminat in 1776) met at the Jekyll Island Club off the coast of Georgia and wrote a plan to reform the U.S. banking system. This plan later became the Federal Reserve System created by the BAR controlled U.S. Congress. The meeting was kept secret and was not disclosed until the 1930's.

    1913 FEDERAL RESERVE ACT - the BAR controlled congress passed the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking Act with gave control of our money and economy over to a private corp. owned by foreign banksters. They robbed we the people of our Gold and Silver, our Real Money backed by Gold and Silver, replacing them with worthless notes of debt incorrectly called the "dollar", but are Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs - not backed by anything, and do not promise to pay anything). DOWNLOAD: The Federal Reserve Conspiracy - by Antony Sutton.

Watch this short 14 min. film on The American Dream and FED Printing Money.
Embedded in the film is the story of "the Richest Man in Babylon".

    1922 BAR attempted to Abolish the Grand Jury - March 22, 1922 in yet another act of high treason, the New York BAR announced a plan to vigorously campaign to abolish the Grand Jury institution. A Grand Jury is made up of ONLY We the People as a stop-gap measure to run away lawlessness in high places. Because WE The People are the grantors, creators of the Constitution, the Government and the ultimate Judges under God Almighty. TODAY - an Attorney is always in Charge and illegally INSTRUCTS (steering) the Jury.

    1933 WAR POWERS ACT - the ABA controlled Congress passed the "War Powers Act", which is "federal" law that governs the President's power to bring the U.S. into War without first obtaining authorization from Congress as required under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11. Since 1933 we have been in a "State of Emergency", because the U.S. is BANKRUPT. This Act then gives the president dictatorial powers, while the Congress / Senate act as clowns in bumper cars going nowhere. Example: Ever watched a Congressional Hearing? They talk like prosecutors, act like judges, yet no one goes to jail. Can you say "Dog and Pony Show" boys and girls? Or "Kabuki Theater"!

    1933 EMERGENCY BANKING ACT - the ABA controlled Congress dissolved the U.S. Federal Government via this Act on 9th of March 1933.

    1933 GOLD CONFISCATION ORDER - once again, the ABA controlled Administration through Executive Order 6102, signed into law on 5th April 1933, forbidding the holding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates (REAL American Dollars) by the People within the U.S. Did that mean ONLY in their jurisdiction - that 10 miles square known as the District of Columbia? The order required individuals, businesses, and banks to deliver their gold and gold certificates to the Federal Reserve in exchange for $20.67. This made the trade and possession of gold, of more than $100 in value, a criminal offense. Imagine - it was a crime to hold REAL Money that was actually worth something because it was backed by Gold or Silver. But don't worry boys and girls ... this is all "Conspiracy Theory" - Right?!?!?! Or - is it actually a real orchestrated criminal conspiracy to take over the issuance of money?

    1934 GOLD RESERVE ACT - President Roosevelt signed the Act on January 30, 1934. Section 2 of the act transferred ownership of all monetary gold in the United States to the US Treasury. Monetary gold included all coins and bullion held by individuals and institutions. Lookup congressman Louis T. McFadden remarks in Congress on 23 May 1933 as he brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, the Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for numerous criminal acts including, but not limited to, conspiracy, fraud, unlawful conversion and treason. He called the FRB, the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. All orchestrated by the ABA on behalf of their Illuminati Bankster Overlords.

And They Continue to Today, Wrecking Havoc on We The People!

    It is ONLY recently, in the 1960's, the BAR changed the LAW so that Judges have to be an Attorney or Lawyer. What's wrong with that? you ask! It violates separation of powers doctrine. NOW they are on all 3 sides, so - what chance do You have? Not to mention the FACT some are "legislating from the Bench" saying it is now "case law" which is then dissemenated throughout the BAR.

    Part of the "plan" in my book, WORLD PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, AND A PLAN, include tackling the problem of lobbyists who write laws that are for their constituents (aka not You the public) which are very powerful corporations and private billionaires for their benefit of protectionism, power, and control over YOU the public. For example, they write laws that protect BIG PHARMA where you can't sue them for damaging or destroying lives, while they distribute untested and unproven drugs and vaccines that have never cured anything. Don't take my word for it. Take a look at these webpages as each meme links to the proof thereof.

Definition of Attorney: one who attorns, as in tearing money away from You!

Isn't it OBVIOUS What Must Be Done?!?!


"The greater the body of true knowledge that you possess, the easier it is to see fallacies and falsehoods."
~ Joel Skousen, How To Analyze The News

"In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign. I was elected not to take power, but to give power to the American people, where it belongs; If the righteous many, do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph.
~ President Trump

"All power is inherent within the people."
~ Thomas Jefferson

"The problem is - people don't know how to take and implement that power."
~ National Liberty Alliance (NLA)

Wake Up and Smell the Stench.

    At some point the masses must wake-up and demand, whom the bible refers to as the "Rich Men of the Earth", be brought to justice for their crimes against nature and mankind. The final reckoning is now upon us all. Mankind has to make a choice, as relying on government always results in failure.


    BE A PART OF IT - VISIT National Liberty Alliance, take the Free Constitution Course, the Civics Course, and get involved to take back our Republic. Also, Sign the Declaration of Restoration, today.

Stephen R. Renfrow©
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