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ARTICLE: 18 Nov. 2020


    The way Americans have voted in person with proper identification, using paper ballots, that are counted in each precinct, and the results reported by the end of election night 3 of Nov., has worked well for DECADES. Only a few states, including Florida, was able to count all of their votes on election day.

    The process was simple, easily-understandable, and verifiable if a recount was required. Quite frankly, if you weren't smart enough to figure out where to vote on ELECTION DAY and could not figure out how to properly mark your simple, paper ballot, then you were likely an idiot and should not be voting anyway.

    So my question is WHO are the mental midgets that decided we needed to change a system that has worked so well, for so long, in the freest of the free countries in the world? Who put these electronic voting systems in over 30 states?

    It was Democrats because they are the ones who are benefitting in 2020 from a voting system that is now so freaking complex and so wrought with hidden pathways and programs for fraud, that a diaper wearing, spit bubbler like Joe Biden, with the help of black hats in foreign countries, can steal an election for President of the USA.

    PBS News Hour figured out there was a problem BEFORE the 2020 election, but it seems nobody was watching. PBS should now be saying, "We told you so".

    Here is the PBS News Hour story that we all should have watched.

    Fortunately our President Donald Trump will NOT concede to the stolen election and Sydney Powell is on the case! Sydney Powell is a former federal prosecutor and appellate court judge.

    She is now on Pres. Trump's legal team, and you don't secure a position like that unless you are a top notch lawyer who fully understands the law, the rules of litigation, and can identify REAL, provable evidence of criminal fraud. After reviewing the evidence received from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY and even outside our country, she is rightfully pissed off.

    Watch Sydney reveal the vast amounts of evidence of fraud she is compiling, where it came from, and who was involved to steal the election from Pres. Trump. and overturn our government - which is Treason!

And another recent interview where Sydney Powell reveals the origins of the software that was used to steal the election from Pres. Trump.

And more information from another source on the depth of the fraud of the Democratic Party and their foreign sources involved.

Understand that all President Trump needs to do is to continue to submit MORE AND MORE OF THE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD with his filings of MORE AND MORE LAWSUITS against certifying the election.

Why? Because none of these lawsuits, due to the vast amount of evidence being received and submitted to the courts, will ever be resolved before January 20, the date that the House of Representatives MUST by the letter of the Constitution, elect a president.

The House of Representatives, by constitutional law, will not be able to accept the election as legitimate due to President Trump's refusing to concede in the wake of all the evidence in the ongoing litigation of fraud in the 2020 election. This FACT of ongoing litigation due to the evidence of FRAUD will require the House of Representatives to elect the next President of the United States on January 20 and they WILL RE-ELECT President Trump.

Here is WHY:

One of the unintended consequences that will bite the Democrats in the ass from all the fraud they committed in this election is the American people are FINALLY re-learning historic lessons about the Constitution in REAL time.

MOST people are unaware of the brilliance of our Founding Fathers in planning ahead to handle any political scenario that may manifest itself in a presidential election, even one that is wrought with fraud.

Watch these two short videos for a Constitutional education on presidential elections. One video from the RIGHT and the other from the LEFT. In both cases, the result is the same… President Trump is re-elected.

Watch the video from the RIGHT perspective first:

Now the perspective from the LEFT:

In both cases, MUCH to the dismay of the LEFT, President Trump is re-elected.


Now it is time for Democrats to pay the price as our Founding Fathers planned, when elections are not legitimate.

There is NO QUESTION at this point that the 2020 Presidential Election is NOT legitimate. Even the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission agrees!

Trey Trainor, the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, stated during an appearance on Newsmax that he "does believe there is voter fraud taking place", and confirmed that the refusal to allow poll watchers to observe the ballot counting process "among numerous other irregularities" does indeed constitute an "illegitimate election."

Here is Trey Trainor, chairman of the Federal Election Commission…

Now watch this new video and see MORE CAPTURED VIDEO EVIDENCE of WHY the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission and 73 million Americans don't just believe this election was rigged, they can SEE IT, in real time, being stolen from Donald Trump!

President Trump just received a big victory from a judge in Pennsylvania. The ruling will throw out THOUSANDS of votes that came into the PA voting precincts with no voter identification.

This does not take into account the even BIGGER case he will ultimately present to the Supreme Court, over the illegal voting rule changes in PA, but this ruling will certainly help his case against the state of Pennsylvania in the Supreme Court.

Believe it or not, you would think such news would be FRONT PAGE as it is the FIRST of MANY anticipated favorable rulings Trump will receive on voter fraud and voter irregularities he claims stole the election from him in the hours and days following 8pm on the 3rd of November.

Maybe I am on top of this so much that I am catching news as soon as it is released, but I had a very difficult time finding ANY video coverage of this important ruling on the news feeds, showing once again the absolute media bias against presenting anything positive for our President, Donald Trump.

Here is the video explaining the judge's decision in favor of Trump in Pennsylvania. This is the beginning of MANY similar rulings we will see as the Trump Team presents all the legal challenges and evidence they are compiling to prove the historic and unprecedented amount of voter fraud the Democrats, and the Deep State, committed in their attempted theft of the presidential election. HOLD FIRM WITH TRUMP. HE WILL WIN!

President Trump’s legal case is building momentum with stronger and stronger evidence and more whistleblowers coming forward.

Here is the former Attorney General of Nevada stating he has evidence that over 600,000 mail in votes in Nevada had NO human signature verification and the polling places reduced the automated signature verification down to a 40% match rendering the machines essentially useless. Watch this video.

And Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal attorney reveals that whistleblowers from Dominion Software have now come forward with evidence of the vote changing scheme that electronically changed votes from Trump to Biden as revealed to you in my previous e-mails. Watch this video!

And it looks like we are going to receive in Georgia, a much needed Forensic Ballot Audit. This is the start. First Georgia, then the rest of the - so called "swing states" will follow, where massive voter fraud has occurred. See this video.

And if you want to see how desperate the corrupt factions of our own government are in their attempts to sweep the massive voter fraud under the rug, watch these three videos, in order, to see on Video 3 the Deep State's efforts to silence the truth, and allow the theft of a presidential election!

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception, and sanity. The liberal media and Radical Left have been gaslighting us for decades but put their gaslighting campaigns on steroids since President Trump won the election in 2016.

In video 3 you see a sample of the psychological manipulation this federal agent is using to break down a direct witness of voter fraud, in an attempt to get him to doubt what he saw and heard. This type of illegal and corrupt activity ONLY HAPPENS TO SUPPRESS THE TRUTH, WHEN THE TRUTH WILL EXPOSE AND DEFEAT DARK adn EVIL FORCES IN GOVERNMENT.

Everyone, including Democrats should denounce such tactics. What you are witnessing in Video 3 is what you would see in a re-education camp of a communist regime. This is DEEP STATE GASLIGHTING! WE MUST FIGHT THIS!

These types of gaslighting attacks would not occur unless we are impinging on the corruption and fraud of this election. These efforts to gaslight witnesses indicate we are winning, and they are scurring around like scared rats!

The evidence is coming in so fast I cannot keep up with it.

Here are just a few videos to show you even more evidence…

Ultimately, the decision over this election will fall to the Supreme Court. After all the lawsuits are filed and all the decisions in the lower courts, for or against Trump, are advanced to the Supreme Court, nine justices will decide the election the way they did in 2000, when Al Gore and the media claimed Gore was President of the United States.

There are some old, wise sayings, "What goes around comes around" and "You get what you give". The Supreme Court is a BIG problem for anti-american commies Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

And here is why!

You reap what you sow Joe!

Trump's attorneys have NUMEROUS constitutional based arguments to place in front of the Supreme Court over the evidence of systemic, electronic voter fraud by the Dems and the Communist Chinese Party (CCP). They are gathering the evidence now and preparing to appropriate legal briefs.

Attorney General William Barr has just authorized federal prosecutors across the country to pursue substantial allegations of voting irregularities. He states,

"I authorize you to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections in your jurisdictions in certain cases, as I have already done in specific instances. Such inquiries and reviews may be conducted if there are clear and apparently credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State."

There are TONS of "substantial allegations" and Barr is handing the investigations over to the top state prosecutors to bypass the "do nothing" district attorneys in the Democratic controlled cities where the fraud was most widespread.

Attorney General Barr's actions are a BIG move in the right direction for President Trump.

Here is another action for Trump directed at the Supreme Court:

A group of 10 attorneys general on Monday filed an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit from Pennsylvania Republicans and asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that extended the deadline for mail-in ballots in the state. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who led the amicus brief, said that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had rewritten the law and encroached on the legislature’s authority when it ruled that mail-in ballots received a few days after the election can still be counted.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on Sept. 17 that election officials can accept all mail-in ballots, including absentee ballots, up to three days after Nov. 3, Election Day, citing the COVID-19 pandemic for the extension. Pennsylvania’s Republican leaders and state lawmakers, along with President Donald Trump’s campaign, have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to toss out Pennsylvania’s ruling and throw out all post-Election Day ballots. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost also filed a separate amicus brief on Monday, and Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is expected to file an amicus brief on Tuesday over the same case. The Supreme Court has yet to decide on whether to review the case.

Amicus (friend of the court) briefs are a way for outside parties to provide information and perspective to a legal case. Schmitt was joined by nine other Republican attorneys general representing the states of Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas.

Just because the News Media announced Joe Biden as the 46th President, does not mean he has won. Votes need to be certified by the states. Elections are certified once every vote is counted and all outstanding legal issues are sorted. As you now know, there are MANY outstanding legal issues in this election.

The Republicans have discovered what happened. It is just a matter of time now to prosecute their case in the courts. Watch these videos for the truth about what happened on election night and beyond. It is corrupt. It is criminal. It is treasonous. Heads should roll over what they did to you.

And here is more explanation how the Hammer/Scorecard fraud occurred, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, the TRUTH that the Republican controlled legislatures in these swing states involved CAN ACTUALLY DECIDE THIS ELECTION FOR TRUMP BY APPOINTING ELECTORS TO THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE WHO WILL APPLY THEIR ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES FOR TRUMP!

We are living in a time of history that will be talked about for generations to come. We either stand with President Trump to save our Republic or we turn a blind eye to the criminal fraud and corruption of the Democratic party, and forever live in a country controlled by Big Tech, Bias Media, and Criminally Corrupt Political Operatives!

Want to see the electronic fraud in real time? Watch this…

And watch this to learn the executive who runs the software company committing the fraud and who is a major shareholder in the software company committing the fraud…


There is a deadline for certifying the results of the election, and it varies by state. Most states must be done by the end of November, but temporary restraining orders (TRO’s) and injunctions can be issued by judges to override deadlines when there are issues of fact in legal claims and evidence supporting extending the election certification deadlines.

President Trump is filing litigation over numerous issues of voter irregularities, fraud, illegal changes in the voter rules, etc.

I believe the Trump legal team should demand a FORENSIC BALLOT AUDIT. Much like a forensic financial audit, where every financial item is not only verified, but the authenticity and paper trail of the item is also determined, so must EACH AND EVERY VOTE in a forensic ballot audit.

Starting with every vote in Pennsylvania, each vote should be forensically investigated, at a minimum, to determine the following:

  1. Is the vote from a LIVE, IN STATE, REGISTERED VOTER? If not, throw it out.
  2. Does the ballot have a signature that matches the voter registration card? If not, throw it out.
  3. Is the vote the ONLY vote from an IN STATE, REGISTERED VOTER? If not, throw out ALL votes from that voter as the voter violated Federal Election Laws. Then arrest that voter and prosecute him or her for voter fraud.
  4. Was the vote received or postmarked by November 3, 2020. If not, throw it out.
  5. Was the vote received at the voter polling station by 8pm on November 3, postmarked or not? If not, throw it out.
  6. Was the vote tampered with, illegible, or marked in any manner that does not demonstrate a clear vote for either candidate? If so, throw it out.
  7. Did the vote as marked, actually record for the proper candidate when entered in the electronic scanner? If not, take a vote away from the candidate who received the improper credit and credit the proper candidate.
  8. ALL votes received AFTER 8pm on November 3 in “dumps” must be sourced back to the original location that they came from and individuals involved in delivering the “dumps” must be questioned intensely to determine who was behind the dumping of votes in the wee hours of the morning on November 4 and beyond. Anyone involved in the fraudulent dumping should be arrested and prosecuted.
  9. EVERY polling worker in every voter precinct of the key states in this election should be interviewed under immunity to give them an opportunity to come forward and disclose any voter fraud they witnessed or were instructed to perform by their supervisors or Democratic operatives.
  10. EVERY postal worker in the state, should be given the opportunity under immunity to come forward and disclose any voter fraud they witnessed or were instructed to perform by their supervisors or Democratic operatives.

After Pennsylvania, the rest of the states that Trump was winning before the vote count was halted on November 3, must also undergo a forensic ballot audit.

YES, this will be TIME CONSUMING, EXPENSIVE, and POLITICALLY BLOODY, but NOW is the time that we MUST DEMAND a forensic ballot audit and smoke out all the fraud the Democrats perpetrated on the American people in this election.

If we do not make a stand NOW and fight for fair and transparent elections, we will never have a fair election again.

WE MUST EXPOSE the CORRUPTION and FRAUD of the 2020 Presidential Election or we will never have a fair election again.

Make no mistake, as I've stated before, this is a battle for our Republic! Can you cite the Pledge of Allegiance? Then you pledge allegiance to what? ... The REPUBLIC for which our Flag stands! If not, then those people are the enemy of the State of the Union and We the People!


CHANGE IS COMING ... BELIEVE IT! BE Part of it! Do Something!

    BE A PART OF DISCLOSURE - Watch the CE5 Film, and get involved to free the world of its fear and pain!

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