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Someone Needs to Go To JAIL

ARTICLE: 18 May 2023

    Psycopathic NWO Still Attempting Control


In the quest to save our climate - they endanger all life.
Pay close attention to this most powerful film!

D-DAY 12 JUNE 2023, Will Change the World:

    What is D-Day? Day of Disclosure. I reported on it at the bottom of my 7 April 2023 article under Historic Disclosure 2.0 Nat'l Press Club Event. This Disclosure Event 10-12 June 2023 will be broadcast free to the World. And after this momentus event, ALL data, pictures, videos, etc. will also be released to the public. The Gov't who doesn't know what is going on, and anyone else who doesn't know, will finally be informed. The Shadow Gov't (deep corp. oligarch cabal) maintains it is a matter of Nat'l Security that "the People" Do Not Know! Remember what happened to Pres. JFK as he wanted to give Disclosure to the "we the people". Dr. Greer is once again heading this up via " The Disclosure Project" and recall what happened in 2001 after the Press Club event ... soon after we had 9-11. What will the ones responsible do this time? Please pray for Dr. Stephen Greer as he places his life is on the line for all of us. It is past time for the World to join together and put an end to the corporate monopoly and control via outdated energy and money. Our world will be transformed with free energy and space travel to the stars.

CORONA - What Does it Mean:

C    =    3
O    =   15
R    =   18
O    =   15
N    =   14
A    =    1
6        66

DID YOU GET VAXED with their Nano-Bio-Tech, and Microsofts Blue-Dot tech?

PROOF: Immunological Mechanisms Causing DEATH by mRNA Vax

    This is WHY people are dropping dead around the world! Distinguished microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. joins Meryl Nass, M.D. alongside colleague Michael Palmer, M.D. to sound the alarm on genetic manipulation and the alteration of man through gene-based COVID vaccines. Bhakdi is currently facing two charges in Germany -- one count of "incitement of the masses" and one count of "trivialization of the Holocaust." His court hearing is scheduled for May 23, 2023. If convicted, Prof. Bhakdi could be sentenced to two years in prison plus fines -- but that does not mean he'll stop boldly telling the truth. Tune in to hear Dr. Bhakdi's fraught warning. (Caveat: Mainstream Media and Wikipedia lying about Dr. Bhakdi) Source Video: Warning to the World And if you missed it in my 03 January 2023 article, under The Most Dangerous Threat to Mankind, here is the link to a Must Watch video - Died Suddenly. We MUST bring these psychopathic blood-thirsty killers, whom are responsible, to Justice! See the entire European Parliament International Covid Summit III Presentation May 2023, revealing and exposing the worldwide conspiracy to KILL YOU in order to reduce world population.

"The sequence of events leading to the pandemic did not commence in 2019 but rather in the mid-1960s, when a coronavirus was isolated in 1965, was found to be usable and modifiable in 1966, that was manipulated for a first time in the US in 1967. Since 1990, there were attempts to develop spike protein vaccines for coronavirus for animals, but they did not work. SARS-CoV-1 was patented in 2002 and it originated in a lab!

More PROOF: CCP Connection to U.S. Elections:

    A series of How, When, Where, Who articles describes Konnech Inc, a technology company receiving funding from U.S. Dept. of Defense, providing products, including smartphone applications, for the management of polling locations, poll workers, and mail-in ballots necessary for running elections in the United States, Canada, and Australia. One of their products, PollChief, is an Election Worker Management System (EMS) that utilizes cloud services that connect hardware to the internet, routing to China and back to the U.S. Konnech had contracts with many counties all over the USA. This posed many threats to the United States. And this is just part of the picture. The Dems narrative is over. Their ties to Communist Party is exposed. Fox News is now vindicated, as there was no slander if it was true! However FOX still unnecessarily fired Tucker Carlson because the next day, Konnech dismissed all pending defamation in US District Court Southern District of Texas case no. 4:22-cv-03096. ( Link to Articles on this subject matter)

ILLEGAL Gov't Officials Masquerading as Legitimate:

    This is blowing up and of course lamestream marxist corp. media will not cover it. But a lawsuit is being presented to the U.S. Attorney General (required for suit against gov't) who is also one of, along with all cabinet members who failed to file their Oath of Office. This is required by law! If there is no Oath on file, everything they do or did is in violation and void. Could this be so they can't be tried for Treason? If so, it won't work, as they are still in violation of law and they are exposed! Read the Document yourself - PDF: Writ of Quo Warranto with Exhibits.

More Proof of Biden Family Crimes Surface - Indictments Coming:

Trump Still President, by Constitutional & Military Law?

    Derek Johnson, US Military Veteran, had top-secret military clearance. He is not violating any military regulations. 47 US CODE 606: "War Powers of the President", which extends President Trump's power as President in war WHICH WE ARE IN. Jan 20, 2021 by Military Law and Constitutional Law, President Trump received a full grade military and constitutionally regulated Inauguration ceremony at Joint Base Andrews. He exited Marine One, on the red carpet roll out, on 4th Ruffle of "Hail to the Chief", the 21-gun salute started. The official presidential salute battery was at the ceremony. Only Presidents receive this. Both Air Force One's we're present that day at Joint Base Andrews. On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden was given and received a full-grade military regulation funeral service. They left the capital in a funeral procession and went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There was a 3-volley salute with 13 fires which is for funerals only. Biden is a "Minister Resident" - A person who takes up temporary residence in a foreign territory. They did not play "Hail to the Chief", they played "Honors March One" which is only played for a Minister Resident. President Trump is Commander in Chief of our Military who is in control. Source: Rumble Video

China Joe's Open Border Chaos Allowing Invasion of USA

Who Is Klaus Schwab? .... A NAZI:

    In the picture on the right, you can see the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, on the left. On the right of him, his father, an intimate confidant of Hitler, the industrialist and fascist "Eugen Schwab" in uniform (who married a Rothschild). Suggest research - "Bush ties with Nazis" and "Khazarian Mafia".


CEO of Pfizer Brags About Murdering People:

    Now watch and listen to CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, bragging that his company is on track to kill 50% of humanity by 2023. I believe this was in 2020. Nevertheless, here it is folks ... he said it! Have the blinders come off your eyes yet? Still don't believe you own eyes and ears? Still blinded by mainstream "CIA Project Mocingbird" so-called news outlets? Don't believe its propaganda? Our U.S. Gov't wouldn't lie to us? NO - of course not! They aren't lining their pockets with cash from those corporate attorney lobbyist. You got that all wrong mister! The only explantion to me is ... they are possessed due to an evil principality that has taken control over Washington D.C.!

FOX News Weighs In, Before Firing of Carlson:

    They are all saying incriminating things, and here Fox News dissing the meeting at Davos. You can see why the self-appointed elitist got mad at Fox for simply reporting the TRUTH!

Remember Sandy Hook?

    Wake the hell up people! You are being played as idiots who beleive any narrative the mainstream CIA controlled Press spoon feeds you. Question everything. Research before you take anything for granted, because, you have no idea what is happening, much less, what is coming!

Members of Congress Making 70-75% Return:

    Congressman Tim Burchett of Tennessee joins Steve Bannon's War Room to discuss corruption at the highest levels of our government. He breaks down the Biden crime family's CCP collusion and how they have funneled millions in dirty money through their family. With the recent rejection of the House debt ceiling bill Rep. Burchett points out flaws in the proposal and how elected officials continue use to legislate according to what lines their pockets. (Link: Watch Warroom Video) On the same page, under video, see Link to Episode 2700: The Corruption of Big Banks, Death of the American Worker; also Link to Voter Inegrity Would Cost Only $100k per County.

The EMPIRE STATES: How They Rule the World!

    A history lesson is sorely needed today. Our schooled (gov't fooled) children have been brainwashed. This a refresher for those who think they know, and an education for those who don't have a clue. An education into what's going on, and who is behind it. Visit, Read, and bookmark these pages ... Geostrategic Power Centers - Part 1, and Geostrategic Power Centers Part 2.

Return of REAL Money? ... Not in the USA:

    Many countries around the world are ditching the Central Banksters Babylonian Ponzi Money Scam that I've been writing about since the the early 80's. Its more than past time. Sovereign nations are now acting on the knowledge as they embrace their own currencies backed by Gold! They understand what it would mean to their nations economy and for the prosperity of their peoples. Here is a real good write-up of the current situation. For what happened to the once great USA precious metals backed money, and who was behind removing it, and to whom we are in debt, read my book - No More Taxes.

Promising Green Hydrogen Tech to Solve Energy Crisis:

    As I wrote in my book, "World Problems, Solutions and a Plan" 2014, hydrogen is an answer for clean energy production. It can be produced via green energy. I used an Electrolyzer in my truck running off the 12 volt system. They can also be run off a wind turbine or solar cells so as to be clean / green and the hydrogen gas can be used to power a home including gas stoves, furnaces, etc. The U.S. Dept. of Energy has a webpage dedicated showing how Electrolysis works. Also in my book, I noted that Norway has the Hi-Nor, a loop 1/2 way around the country for hydrogen cars only. Its been operting now for decades. Why don't we have Hydrogen filling stations? Because, as I've stated before, battery operated cars can not solve the problem since you are charging the batteries from a coal powered grid. Duh! But a new Canadian company, GH Power is building promising technology to help solve that problem which outputs Hydrogen - using Green Energy! It uses zero hydrocarbons and leaves no carbon footprint. However, why not use what Norway has instead of trying to reinvent? In fact, why not use Stan Meyer's technology which ran his dune buggy across America using water? Oh that's right, the powers that be murdered all but one working on rebuilding that technology after they stole his technology under the guise of national security. You can bet they have it .... they just don't want us to have it. Why? you ask! Because they own the petro/pharma/military/industrial complex. And as I also wrote in my PSP book in 2014, the same thing happened to Nikola Tesla, Otis T. Carr's flying saucer (listen to, at 33 min., Ralph Ring's trip in the disk) and Prof. John Searl's flying saucer (filmed by the BBC), both in the 1950s. So these corporate fascist have had antigravity technology since then. What do you think they have now? This is why some of us, in the know, are demanding "Full Disclosure" (see Disclosure Project). If researched, beware of disinformation on this subject.

Wake Up and Smell the Stench.

    At some point the masses must wake-up and demand, whom the bible refers to as the "Rich Men of the Earth", be brought to justice for their crimes against nature and mankind. The final reckoning is now upon us all. Mankind has to make a choice, as relying on government always results in failure.


    BE A PART OF IT - VISIT National Liberty Alliance, take the Free Constitution Course, the Civics Course, and get involved to take back our Republic. Also, Sign the Declaration of Restoration, today.

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