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ARTICLE: 15 September 2014

Who Is Making the Money?


    In an Email I received from Weiss Research, Inc. out of Jupiter Florida, titled - "3 Reasons Growth Will Stagnate; Stocks to Follow", it was pointed out, as no surprise, there are record numbers of workers retiring as they are reaching the age of 65. Note the graph showing age demographics of "Growth Population Since 2009" where lower birth rates in the 90's and 2000's mean less people entering the work force. Of course the baby boom generation reaching retirement is a Big bubble in itself. When these people are no longer investing - what do you think will be the outcome in the stock market indexes?

    The next issue pointed out in Weiss' email, was the Productivity issue. As companies hold onto record levels of cash, engineering higher earnings with buybacks and buying lower P/E companies, they are not spending on R&D or new tech to support future sales growth. Notice the chart below. While Productivity has increased, wages have stagnated since the early 1970's. Now you know that the people reporting layoffs while those who remain employed are asked to do more work, is true. And the New Hires are payed lower wages than the one just layed off or fired.

Percentage Rise in Productivity versus Hourly Compensation

chart courtesy of Economic Policy Institute.

    This of course means the 3rd and obvious issue. That the stagnate hourly earnings could not possibly keep up with inflation, as indeed the chart below shows. The consumer has not seen any real wage growth which currently is around 2 percent. And if you go with the govrenment reported 2% inflation (link), its a breakeven, and with the more likely REAL rate of approx. 10% versus CPI (as reported by it is obviously a losing game. Moreover, they are pointing out that the odds are still in favor, at 90%, that we will see Hyperinflation by end of 2014. Download Hyperinflation Report here. And according to, U.S. Food inflation is running at 22%. A figure I'm sure you can relate with.


    And while mainstream media whores for the NWO like to bash such sites as, the likes of Washington Post no less points out that you can buy a subscription with "worthless fiat dollars". Oh how true that statement is, as the U.S. FED Fiat Ponzi Scheme has made even their own funny money FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES (ie. not a constitutional dollar) worth less every day they exist. In reality folks, it is only worth the paper it is printed on, which in their own words is 2 cents each - in ANY Demonination. A one "dollar" or a one hundred fed note cost the same. For more info, read my book " NO MORE TAXES" to understand their game.

    I digress. But suffice it to say, wages for most workers grew exceptionally slowly between 1979 and 2012, despite rise in productivity. In addition, wage stagnation, weak income growth, and wealth disparities can be traced to policy decisions that have eroded the bargaining power of low and middle-wage workers. Here are 12 Charts showing in graphic detail how much the U.S. American worker is overworked and underpaid. And according to that Mother Jones webpage, this is where your money is going.


    While those who have read my PSP book know who is raking it in, here are 11 Charts that will REALLY Make Your Blood Boil. According to this site, A huge share of the nation's economic growth over the past 30 years has gone to the top one-hundredth of one percent, no surprise there, but they now make an average of $27 MILLION per household. The average income for the bottom 90 percent of us? $31,244. How and Why? Pure Greed. They apparently watched that movie "Wall Street" with Michael Douglas and took to heart what he said - "Greed is Good!".

    Of course the International Luciferian Bankster Cabal knows it best. They are the ones REALLY making the money and raking it in via FORCE of the Police State. The FED Ponzi Fiat Money Scam is just that - a SCAM. These ruthless self-elitist mandate that we pay interest on their worthless IOU's. As they get the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to print up any amount the U.S. Government wants to borrow, and then mandates the government force - under threat of arms and arrest, for the citizens to pay back the amount borrowed .. plus interest, that they just printed for 2 cents each in any denomination. You say - B.S.!?! Check it out for yourself. You owe it to yourself to do a little research - if you don't buy my NMT Book, you should at least Watch "MONEY MASTERS" FREE at

    The question you should really ask is ... What will be the outcome when they can no longer "kick the can down the road"? And what if other countries catch on to this FEDERAL RESERVE PONZI SCAM? They already have, and that is why I wrote this previous article - The House that BRICs Built, in July 2014.

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