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ARTICLE: 15 June 2016



    On top of all that follows, the world is experiencing an increase in natural disasters - including, Tornado breakouts, stronger Hurricanes, more powerful Earthquakes, bigger sinkholes, and leaking Nuclear Power Stations!

    The Muslim U.S. PUTO (pres. under title only) Barry Soetoro, aka BHO (his muslim name I will not mention) has prepared America for the JIHAD Army Invasion. The communist infiltrated Socialist Democratic party within the U.S. Gov't. is using these terrorists against the Right / Conservatives by utilizing our freedom of religion against these people. This administration, including BHO and Sec. of State Killary has allowed these terrorist in, and in some cases actually brought them, in violation of INS laws.

    If you call a muslim terrorist a "muslim", you're a racist! If you call them a terrorist, you are branded a conspiracy nut! If you complain about terrorism, you are labled a hipocrit because it is in your Christian Bible to murder the homosexual because it is an "obomination to God". If you label the muslim terrorist as "antichrist" or "anti-christian", you are again a hipocrit and a racist! But an associate NBC producer gets to tweet, " It could be argued that the dude who was hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun". Is that not also spewing hatred and possibly inciting a riot ... or worse? Downright Disgraceful!

    Muslim/Arab Terrorist/Jihadi actions have been doubling every year for the last 5 years. The MSM (mainstream media) propagandizing under globalist control, along with the bought and paid for politicians have attempted to cover-up these past actions including the incidents at Ft. Hood, San Bernadino, Philladelphia, Army Navy center, Paris, Berlin, Germany as recent examples. BHO has actually ordered a stand-down, which means that he is aiding and abetting these attacks! And if the people are stupid enough to elect Bernie Sanders (a confessed communist) or Killary Klinton (a warmonger) many, many more people will die. Note: I am not pro Republican. The MSM only wants you to see the Right - Left paradigm, again propagandizing that those two are your only choice. To learn why you should not vote a Lawyer into an office of public trust - read my PSP book.

    So what is their Modus Operandi you might be asking? There are several at play. But because the leftist/socialist/communist blames guns and American freedom for these terror attacks - just goes to show they want to take away the 2nd Amendment, which is our Right "we the people" explicitly reserved, so we could put down insurrection of our government when it acts outside the bounds of the contract (ie. the Constitution for these united States of America). And I think we can agree - they have been acting outside the bounds of the Supreme Law of the Land for far too long!

    Listen to special forces member Tim Kennedy, who has seen these radicals up close and personal, talk about the tragedy of letting in these criminals and terrorists in to countries, allowing them to carry out the globalist Jihad. Six more U.S. cities are targeted! This is another reason the globalist want this, as George Soros flies them into European countries, because one of their stated goals is "Ordo ab Chao" or Order out of Chaos. So part of the globalist agenda is to allow or manufactor chaos, which equates to murder, rape and pillaging. Understand, their stated goal is to reduce the world population to a manageable 500 million. That means that approx. 6 1/2 billion people must die and that most likely means YOU.

    So if YOU - the people of this planet don't like it; and what reasonable sane person would?, you have to go after the globalist. And if you don't know who they are, read my PSP Book. For other conspiratorial groups vying for control of this planet, read my PSP book. To understand the gridlock control they have over the world, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole - read my PSP book.

    Meanwhile, the Global Financial Collapse is accelerating. Bubbles are again building just like prior to 2000, and 2008. But unlike in 2008, because the spineless lawyering syndicate who have taken over all 3 branches of government by occupying seats of public trust, ie. Congress, by kicking the can down the road and allowing the Illuminati Luciferian Zionist Bankster Ponzi Scheme to continue, the bubble is now exponentially bigger which means the CRASH will also be bigger. One from which will take a long time for the United States to recover - possibly the world! This is what I wrote about in my NMT book in the 1980's. I've been warning since the 1980's that this is coming. It is inevitable! All systems throughout history built on this fallacy of money and government have collapsed.

    What happened after 2008 is just a prelude to what is about to happen. Why? How do I know? As a trader, I see these trigger events are happening again.

  • High-risk lending is reaching new highs.
  • Stock investors are taking huge risks again.
  • Bond investors are taking huge risks again.
  • Real estate investors are taking huge risks again.
  • The issuance of Mortgage-backed Securities is surging again.
  • Banks are loosening credit standards again.
  • Welfare spending is at all time highs, 10% in 1960, 2015 its 35% of Americans on welfare!
  • High risk corporate lending for takeovers, which happens right before a CRASH so the globalist can then come in and buy these companies out for pennies on the dollar!

    Unlike before 2008 when the U.S. economy was stronger, now it is very weak. What workers are left after the industrial base has moved out seeking cheaper labor, are earning much less. According to NY Times - in 2003 the net worth of a typical household was $87,992. Ten years later in 2013 it was down to $56,335. That is a 36% decline, while inflation has caused prices and taxes to rise! Recently the FED has announced they will start raising interest rates which will really drive prices on everything higher and higher. It will be devastating! They are out of tools to control hyper-inflation which will accelerate the CRASH!

    So Mr. Smarty Pants ... with huge bubbles in the stock, bond and real estate markets, a very weak economy and a paralized, stupified central U.S. government - What do you think is going to happen? Make no mistake ... It will be worse than the Great Depression! As I write this, mid June 2016, it has already begun. This is NOT a 'bump in the road', we are about to be pushed over the cliff!

    Only the People can save America! We the People MUST UNITE with the Independence of grassroots control with an un-controlling National Presence and a viable plan using the very implementations that created this Great Nation, Judicial and Political (without the politics). The Time to take a stand has come, 2016 can be the year that will answer the questions; Do we still have a Constitution? Are we a Free People? Will we save Liberty for our posterity? The answer depends upon your action or inaction today, because tomorrow will be too late.

    What if there was a Plan ... and You did nothing!?!?

    Be a part of the solution - not a part of the problem. If you decide to do nothing, you are contributing to the problem. Get and Read my books:NO MORE TAXES and WORLD PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS and a PLAN. Both on the NMT-PSP CD-Rom.

    Remember, as I previously stated: Every day the "FED" (Federal Reserve Corp. - a private entity, no more federal than Federal Express) continues to devalue their Federal Reserve Notes (inocorrectly called a US Dollar), so that every day the money you have in savings, investments, property value, etc. become worth-less! Debt for which is perpetually owed to the globalist (ie. the moneychangers and owners of society) is the source of all problems. The whole world should be going after these psychopathetic, Luciferian members of the Illuminati Cabal, the bible calls - "the rich men of the Earth".
"Gold is a good place to put money these days given its value as a currency outside of the policies conducted by governments." — Alan Greenspan, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

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