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ARTICLE: 15 August 2020

    Where Are We Today? A Technical Trader's View.

    A currency war, massive runup in stock markets, market manipulation, stock market crash! Sound familiar? How about going back 100 years (as in the 100 year cycle). This begs the question; Where are we today?

    First, understand the propaganda spewed forth by mainstream media. The opposite is usually true! For example:


  • Pres. Trump Colluding with Russia - Democratic party guilty of paying for a Dossier from a spy which was proven falsified!
  • Delaying the Election - Dems are suing in 10 states so those states can come in after election day. Neveda legalized ballot harvesting, and is now attempting mail-in ballots ONLY.
  • And there are many other examples, but hopefully you know this. If not, watch this clip from FOX Business as Maria Bartiromo interviews Pres. Trump.

    But why? Why are they acting this way? Why are they so against conservatives? For what it's worth, here is my opinion based on my research, experience and understanding.

  • Conservatives, for the most part, are God-fearing believers in our God-given rights and protecting those rights. We have in fact reserved those rights in the contract, that we ordained - the Constitution for these united States of America, with the government we established. They are considered "the Right".
  • Democrats (ie. progressive liberals), for the most part, are anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-rights who have demoralized their lives and expect everyone else to go along with and accept their depravity. They are considered "the Left".
  • This makes the Democratic party ripe for infiltration by Marxist, Fabian Socialist, and Communist, which indeed has happened over the last 6 decades.


As the Democratic party has been infiltrated, these insurgents have infiltrated a number of government offices. In FACT, CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and Muslim spies (think - JIHAD, ie. like commies = world takeover) have been found in every major U.S. Government National Security office. By doing so, they ONLY hire underlings who will toe the party line. This means - NO conservatives in positions of power and decision making. This is the Deep State! This is the SWAMP! How do you go about "draining the swamp"? You begin by cutting the money supply line to their puppet masters ... the CCP, and the Muslim death cult.


    A couple decades ago we heard that China is the big elephant in the room. But today, they're like a heard of elephants stampeding over the entire world. To do so, they backed their currency (the Renembi) with Gold. Then they created a financial system that would bypass the Central Bankster's ponzi scheme and the World Bank/IMF Swift Transaction System with their own. The SWIFT international payments messaging system and the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS), is the backbone for international trade and investment. Being cut off from the US dollar system seriously hinders a country's capabilities of conducting international business. The Cross-Border Interbank Payment System is a payment system which went live in 2015, and offers clearing and settlement services for its participants in cross-border RMB payments and trade. It is a significant financial market infrastructure in China. As planned, CHIPS will be developed in two phases. (see Wikipedia Link)

    The value of the US dollar is facing an uncertain future due to additional "Federal Reserve Notes -FRNs" (incorrectly called dollars) being printed by the FEDs, posing risks to China's holdings of US dollar-denominated assets. Of course, this doesn't set well with the CCP.

    So the FED (as in the private bankster corporation, ie Federal Reserve Corp.) responds. Below is a graphic representation of the Federal Reserve's actions outpacing all other central banks ... something that is worrying many investors, driving them into the precious metals market.

FED Holdings


    Gold investors might be tuning in to Judy Sheltons potential approval to join the Federal Reserve board. Why? Because, shes a sound money advocate, a sharp FED critic, and a strong supporter of putting the U.S. dollar back on the Gold Standard. Is this plan in the works? One should hope so, but is it too late? It would still be competing with China's new gold-backed money ... and they've been buying up gold mines all over including Africa. Where is the U.S. Corp. going to get its precious metals? These trends should be positive for gold. Indeed (see Monthly chart below) investors are very concerned and have piled into precious metals in the last several months.


    China is in fact looking to go with a digital currency. If the Digital Yuan is backed by Gold at say 350,000 to 1 oz of gold ( at 7 to 1 exchange rate to the dollar) it will be the next World Reserve Currency. And using their current social credit system, they can easily turn anyone off from accessing "their money" so that they cannot buy or sell unless they are a "good" communist citizen. Is this the new plan for the world??? Again - let me ask you ... What is the number of your name?

UPDATE Oct. 2020: It was reported that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Monday (19 Oct. 2020) that the Fed is open to collaborating with the private sector on a possible digital U.S. dollar, but reiterated that the central bank has not committed to launching one.

"We will have lots of conversations with industry and stakeholder engagement, and that'll help us in our work on digital currencies and cross-border payments"
Powell said in an International Monetary Fund panel.

Powell also said private sector initiatives like Facebook's Libra project had accelerated central banks' interest in setting up their digital currencies. Yet the problem with Facebook Libra is privacy. The allure of Bitcoin is privacy. Certain parties do not want other parties to know how they spend their money, and vice versa! The most successful cryptocurrency will be the one that is the most private and secure. Powell cautioned that the "Fed faces difficult policy and operational questions", such as the monetary policy implications of a digital dollar. Powell also listed illicit activity and cyber-attacks as risks.

The global currency reset is coming! Are you ready? When the Banks lock-up, and you can't access your account or "safety" deposit box, What are you going to do???

    While the Bankster cartel is keeping interest rates low, they say for reinvestment - how much total reinvestment is enough? If the growth rate of total investment is persistently below the growth rate of nominal output, how can an economy maintain the capacity required to function at existing levels of output, much less to grow its output, through increased capacity or productivity? Suffice it to say, companies, in general, have not been investing in R&D. Therefore again, in my humble opinion, no growth is forseeable on the horizon!


    Some investors are saying; "What the global economy needs is another gamechanger." Perhaps like the Industrial Revolution!?!? Silicon Valley is in Fact calling this a "Fourth Industrial Revolution"! What that means is a merging of man and machine! And is called - TRANSHUMANISM. I could spend hours talking about these two, but research it yourself. There are many videos on YouTube and TED Talks, as well as articles.

    The ONLY thing I see that can, and should happen, is Full Disclosure of our Secret Space Program, as well as our interplanetary and interstellar breakaway civilizations. As mentioned in my PSP book, when you have a device the size of a shoebox that can power your home, that is a gamechanger. When you no longer need Big Oil, Big Pharma, and the Bankster Cartel, the house of cards fall for the ruling families of this world, and the Citizens can move into a new age.

    This must happen for the sustainability of life on this planet, and for the planet itself. Because I guarantee you, if we don't ... mother nature will vomit us off this planet. In fact, we can see that happening today upon closer inspection.


    And in regards to this COVID crap ... because this supposed virus has never been properly isolated or reproduced, has never satisfied Koch's Postulates, and no antibodies specific to this alleged "virus" have been identified - there is no real evidence to support that any deaths have occurred from any coronavirus supposedly linked or specific to what is being labeled as SARS-CoV-2, or COVID 19. Watch this documentary that went viral - Plandemic. We are in the midst of the most sinister period in our history, as the set-up for what has been labeled Phase 2 of this plot, if allowed to go forward, will guarantee that huge fabricated numbers of deaths will occur during this coming flu season. Those deaths will not be due to anything called Covid-19, but in my opinion, will be used by the perpetrators of this fraud to ramp up totalitarian rule in what has already been devastating for most all in this country. This is planned first-degree murder by the state, yet no one has been indicted for this gigantic fraud and conspiracy to commit mass murder and genocide.

FACTS: CDC Says COVID-19 Doesn't Exist! [News Link]; and 34,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration Against COVID-19 Lockdown [News Link]; also COVID-19 Vaccine Trials were Halted Due to Safety Questions [News Link].

    Due to the designed and manufactured COVID-19 fear porn, puppet numbskulls in D.C. are demanded to "shut down the economy" again. This is for your own good. But many people are losing their jobs, foreclosures are on the rise, commercial real estate is faltering, and residential real estate is next. What does that say about our economy for the forseeable future? Can you say CRASH boys and girls? Just like in 1929, or worse, because this is the BIGGEST BUBBLE EVER! Not 22 Trillion, as publicly announced, but depending on who you ask, over 220 TRILLION. How will this debt be paid back? Will the Int'l Luciferian Bankster cabal come to collect? With much economic activity suspended and fiscal revenues in free fall, will countries be forced into default? Will the U.S. be turned over to China? Or, has that already happened? Many politicians, most notably the Clinton Clan, sold off U.S. taxpayer assets to the highest bidder, which was usually China. The Clinton Clan, Bush and BHO, along with many traitors in D.C., should be in prison, or hung, for their high crimes and Treason against "we the people"! Have YOU demanded justice?


    The alleged crisis is having a devastating effect on the Real Estate market which according to the S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index (see chart below) is now much higher than in 2007, before the global financial crisis started. This proves we are in a bigger bubble than before, and foreclosures are, once again, on the rise!



    All this means the public debt is soaring, like a rocket into outer space, all around the world. Obviously creating significant challenges, increasing the risk of sovereign debt crisis and putting more downward pressure on the central banks. But the Banksters are at the bottom of their bag of tricks, unless they start to steal money from their customers accounts.

    Understand - the process of global recovery after the COVID-19 virus is likely to take years. IF - it happens at all. The REAL ISSUE is their planned move to - NO Currency, Total Information Awareness and Complete Control over every person on this planet!

    As mentioned in my PSP book, we must bring the perpetrators of these global conspiratorial calamities to justice for the world to witness, and documented on the internet for future generations to see as education on the effects of a probate mind upon society. ONLY then, can we move into to a peaceful and sustainable world for all life on this planet. Because ALL life matters - NOT just blacks!



    BE A PART OF DISCLOSURE - Watch the CE5 Film, and get involved to free the world of its fear and pain!

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