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ARTICLE: 15 April 2016

    Current State of Globalist Agenda

    To say that we live in a world of Corporate greed with US Congress (lawyers) prostituting in fraud, while true, is an understatement. Investors have to consider insane logic in order to ONLY skim a profit, in this most hated Bull Market in history!

    The DOW and S&P500 may resume higher still, but the rally days are numbered for many reasons. One of which is that countries such as India are getting sick and fat - like Americans, on the ever spreading Fast Food chains that have invaded their society. People in India and China are starting to reject US Corporatism if it means their health deteriorates.

    Meanwhile, the Central Banksters are floating money via low interest rates, providing rocket fuel to corporate share buyback programs. This has artificially inflated the bottom lines of many companies and therefore the stock markets. For a smart investor, this is the "hand writing on the wall". Again, the markets rally days are numbered.

    I wrote earlier about negative interest rates, which of course is stealthy theft of your money deposited in such Luciferian Globalist Bankster owned Babylonian Ponzi Scheme offices disguised as banks. So there is nothing new under the Sun for these Zionist scam artists - except that by now you would think that governments would know better. Especially the United States government as it is unconstitutional to allow some other entity to coin and regulate its money, such as the foreign owned Federal Reserve Corporation (being neither "federal" or "reserve", nor are they a US Governmnet entity)!

    A few years ago some mouthpieces for these self righteous, self elitist globalist psychopaths stated - "since Gold earns no interest, what good is it?". Now that Bonds and Notes pay NO interest, I say - "What good are they - and your idiot logic?" So their argument is fasicious and irrelevant. I surmise that investors worldwide are loosing confidence in the Luciferian Banksters Central Banking Ponzi SCAM, especially in light of negative interest rates, and are therefore moving into precious metals - namely Gold and Silver. Point in FACT, recently Volume (money inflows) in Gold and Silver ETFs and Futures markets have increased substantially. The ETFs from around 250/day to over 2.5 Million on some days! And if the United Kingdom backs out of the globalist created EURO State - all bets are off. They should decide 23 June 2016. Do you think these are reasons for the rise of Gold and Silver?

    In addition, negative interest rates employed by BoJ (Bank of Japan) and ECB (Euro Central Bank) is helping to fuel a worldwide Real Estate bubble! In the US the public has been shut out of buying Real Estate due to tight lending policies. But those policies are loosening in order to catch this pent-up demand. Once again - Greed will produce the inevitable consequences. Since the Dodd Frank bill, Big Banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America say they will not ask for another taxpayer bailout, but certain Gov't agencies are allegedly looking at them, but are more likely to be paid off. They have already been sued by the US Justice Dept. and have to pay BILLIONS in so called ... "damages". It is "we the people" who have been damaged! And the damage is not over. The Banksters love to confiscate your properties so they can sell them again and earn more interest on top of the money they created out of thin air - or should I say Bankster cyberspace! You of course loose your equity and all money you paid. That's what you get for trusting a Bankster and getting a loan from them.

    The FED is trying to put on a "brave act" and keep you dumbed down as to the real facts. However, they are slowly releasing their negative economic views and backtracking on what they were saying last year (2015). Perhaps the War Machine for the Globalist New World Order (NWO) agenda underestimated their absurd and insane usurped power to squash any nation who would not go along with their "resistance is futile" mentality. Their current attempts to prevent Russia from sending oil & natural gas via its own pipelines to Europe is a prime example of the "oil warfare" in a desparte attempt to maintain the US flegling supremacy. However, Russia and China have been selling the US Treasury bonds they hold which undermines the Luciferians US fiat Bankster currency causing more damage than the US could do to Russian desires to sell oil & gas to the EU nations.

    Russia deserves no accolades. Recenlty confessed communist and globalist gofer Henry Kissinger, (can't believe he's still alive) stated Russia is "an indispensible component of the international order". Therefore you know that Russia plays an integral role in the fascist NWO communist world takeover scheme. The Globalists' game remains the same, but the power is shifting away from the US/UK/EU over to Russia/China. This explains why the ole US of A has turned RED! Even the children are indoctrinated via the takeover of the US Education system by these commies! And if a student doesn't want to follow orders, and desires to be a Free Thinker, they are diagnosed with ADHD and DRUGGED into submission! This is a CRIME! Even US Law students are made to write Communist Manifestos and taught to ignore US Law! All the while the bought and paid for Mainstream Non-News Propaganda machine publishes fake and fraudulent anti-Trump front page stories to brainwash the masses. This tells me they are scared of him.

    Everyone must do what they can to assist investigations into the monstrous evil of which I wrote about in "WORLD PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS and a PLAN" (PSP book). And Yes Banksters can and do go to jail. Some of them just get suicided so they don't spill the beans. Did you notice the headline; TOPPLING THE KINGPIN - ROTHSCHILD INDICTED.

    If you think you can solve world problems by praying, you need to get off your knees and become part of the solution - else YOU are part of the problem! Look at it this way Christian brothers and sisters, God put you here to do something. All it takes for evil to run rampant, is for good men (and women) to do nothing! And the apostate churches have led you into a slumber and you have done nothing for far too long. Time to wake up! Before they come after you and/or your children. If you haven't seen it yet - The SECRET HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, is a Must See. View this 3 min. Movie Trailer - HILLARYS AMERICA.

    And in case you didn't know, or don't realize it, they are coming after us all with their slow-kill methods of poisoning the water, air and food we need in order to survive. Everyday is a battle for us all, just to stay healthy and alive. We either turn it around now ... or Else!

    Sponsored by the likes of George Soros, and Henry Kissinger speaking into the ears of government, they are provoking their Luciferian agenda, part of which is Jihad causing mass kill-off of the global population. This is only one aspect of their plan to murder as many people as possible over the next several years. This is the Third Jihad, and the Globalist are using this to help destroy populations and bring down borders of nations so they can more easily implement their New World Order. Proof of which follows for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear.


Must See - How The NY FED was Robbed!

    Could this be a FALSE FLAG Event that will help the NWO lead the world to a CASH-LESS Society so they can implement their RFID Skin Tatoo Tags thereby marking EVERYONE with the Number of Your Name???

Pope Francis Prepares to Welcome Satan In The Flesh!

    Will you be Marked? Aren't you already using the number of your name? Could you buy or sell without that number? Then are you not already marked? If you have a number, and therefore are using it - then you have not refused the Mark!

    What if there was a Plan - and YOU did nothing?

Stephen R. Renfrow©
SRR/all rights reserved

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