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ARTICLE: 13 October 2021


U.S. in Default:

    In the last article I reported on ... U.S. CORP. FACES DEFAULT. In actuality Pres. Nixon declared "default" when the U.S. Gov't defaulted on all sovereign payments in gold, by closing the gold window in 1971. Note, this was in part due to creation of inflation by the Federal Reserve Corp. monetary policy. However, in 1965 Charles de Gaulle wanted to exchange Frances' holdings of U.S. dollar reserves for gold at the official exchange rate of $35/oz. But the U.S. Treasury only had $3.2 billion to cover foreign holdings of non-U.S. central banks of $14 billion.

Rise of the Police State:

    This is what happens when a nation gives up its rightful power in printing and regulating the value of its own money. This was in violation of the Constitution for these united States of America. A compact / agreement between "we the people" and the government that we formed out of our own power. That was an act of tyranny by banksters (aka the Federal Reserve Corp.) in 1913. Since ex-CIA operative George Herbert Walker Bush we've had tyrannical out of control bereaucracy, and the Shadow Gov't has been gaining power since. This of course has brought upon the U.S. its biggest threat to our national security! We saw the Rise of the Police State in the 1990's, and the Fall of the Twin Towers in 2001 stunned the world.

Presidential Coup in D.C.

    In 2020 the whole world witnessed a coup in these united States, watching the CCP install their favorite puppet Joe Biden, and his co-conspirator K. Harris into the White House. This was done by and through planted voting machines that violate security protocols being attached to the Net and proven to be easily hacked at DEFCON and in Texas Supreme court resulting in these compromised machines being banned in the great state of Texas. See a list of How they can be hacked. Until we the people mandate these machiines be taken out, NOTHING will change and the Socialist Democrats will remain in power. We should arrest and put on trial all those who conspired to manipulate the vote via controlled voting machines, found guilty and shot in front of a firing squad of U.S. Marines. But instead we have witnessed Commie Joe, Harris & Co. violate orders from the Supreme Court after Texas Attorney General sues the administration in court over the Border Crisis. These idiots just do what they want to and go unpunished.

And the People Do Nothing:

    Now the downfall of these united States of America is being witnessed by everyone in the whole world as they watch in horror as the U.S. sinks like the Titanic. Even more so that the people seem willing and are doing nothing about the Luciferian criminal cabal that has affected all life on Earth and not in a sustainable way. They have polluted our air, our water, our land, sold off our ports, gateways, technology and mostly to communist China. The world has witnessed the destruction of the "rule of law" America was known for. The U.S. has not won a war since WW2, and won't! As the moral decline has decimated the once free and brave peoples.

CCP Grows in Power:

    I have tears in my eyes when I read off Barchart News such as, "Strength in U.S.-listed Chinese technology stocks is keeping the Nasdaq 100 in positive territory." There is no doubt that some of our technology they stole, and stupid American investors are hoping to make money off this?!?! Those investors have but themself to blame for being ignorant and greedy, bringing upon themselves Bad Karma in the process! And isn't that also in violation of Trading with the Enemy Act. If they can get you to do it, then how can we arrest them in D.C. for doing it? That's why the Luciferian terrorist "Commie Joe" was so emboldened as to gave the Taliban $90 Billion of our military assets making them the most powerful well armed terrorists on planet Earth. You don't think that will have repurcusions when "Commie Joe" and "Marxist Harris" and their shadow government backers are mandating open borders allowing these terrorist to simply walk across our southern border, unchecked, untested, and putting them on jets to be sent to a town near YOU?!?! Come on people!

China Delclares War:

    In China's recent 100th celebratation of communist rule, Pres. Xi Jinping announced that any nation who stands in the way of their worldwide takeover will "face broken heads and bloodshed". This means war! The U.S. stood by when China recently took over Hong Kong. The U.S. stood by while they rebuild their Silk Road to gateways around Africa. Recently the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan so quick they left American citizens behind leaving them to die - and some did, effectively giving Afghanistan to the terrorist along with $90 billion worth of U.S. military hardware. Certainly China will step in and takeover. Will the U.S. now stand by and let China take over Taiwan? WW3 has already begun! Beginning with China's biowarfare, ie. Covid-19 virus, and their cyber-warfare against the U.S. during the 2020 election in which they switched votes during the night to their puppet "Commy Joe" O'Biden. They have no less than 600 spies in our country reporting to the CCP and making maneuvers on their behalf ... right under our nose and nobody does anything about it.

The Trumpet Sounds:

    In fact, Xi Jinping commanded his military to "prepare for war". So, whether you realize it or not ... we are at war! This will certainly be regarded as WW3. China is steering the World Toward War! Do you think Russia will sit idly by while China attempts takeover of Russia's border states? Or will they align, and could this be the beginning of the War mentioned in Exekiel 38-39 in which Iran (Persia), with Russia (Magog), and a coalition of allies (including Turkey, Libya, and Sudan) will attack and will invade Israel? Surely, these are the Last Days! Will Russia and China invade/bomb the U.S.A. now that they know we are weak?!!!? Watch first for Turkey to attempt to invade Greece. Then Russia will invade Turkey and the destruction of Damascus as prophesied.

UPDATE: 17 Oct. 2021

    Right after posting this article, I noticed the Financial Times reported on China's launch of a Hypersonic Missle, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, and is unstoppable! Reported also by Reuters, which mainstream parrots, but also reported by Zerohedge, that China denies it was a missle - they called it a "space vehicle".

Evil and Mankinds Lethargic Response:

    Still - no one goes to jail or is even prosecuted for the heinous crimes, not only against nature, but all of mankind. To understand the evil permeating mankind, you need to kisten to John B Wells interview with Dr. Bill Deagle, starting at 42 minutes.

OR, Click the buttons below to play or pause the relevant audio.

    This is truly a battle for our souls via capturing our spirit. If you don't guard your spirit, you are in trouble. "How do you do that", you ask?

  1. Make certain in your all decisions, it is in "service to others" (a giving spirit), not "service to self" (a manipulating spirit).
  2. Raise your vibration, staying healthy, raise your awareness, raise your consciousness.
  3. Know who and what you are, your power, and use that power for the good of man and our environment for the sustainability of all life. (Download my PDF - Utilizing Universal Consciouness for Self Empowerment and True Success in Life)
  4. Once all mankind recognizes the Luciferian evil cabal, bring them to justice, as God demands justice.
  5. Once all mankind understands the high-tech withheld, and mandates Full Disclosure, the future of mankind will change, and we can travel to the stars embracing, in peace, our brothers and sisters from other soul systems in the joyous communion and celebration of all creation.

Last Hope for Mankind:

    After all, WE are the ones we've been waiting on. And so have ETs who've been watching us. But understand and appreciate the fact - there are evil ETs, namely the Dracos (reptilians), Tall and short Greys (from beta Reticuli) who are manipulating mankind. However, the majority are benevolent to mankind and helping us reach our highest potential. Furthermore, "know not, that ye are Gods?", John 10:34. That is if course, for all who graduate this plane of testing, and enter the higher realms after death of this body. For upon death, the body returns to the Earth from which it came. But the spirit goes back to the father from which it came.

Example - From My Journey:

    I remember, several decades ago, hearing from a Christian that all spirit guides were actually manipulating fourth-dimensional demons (reptilians) masquerading as nice spirit guides. I wondered if this was true. Were we somehow all being fooled? I made a statement - "is this all some cosmic joke?"

    Then I remembered my "coming to Steve moment" of true insight, I knew that my guides were not Reptilians. It can't be explained in terms of reasoning, logic, analysis or mind. There is a process of knowing by direct perception that is energetic and vibrational. It bypasses the mind. It is felt on multiple levels in the body in a way that can't be faked. Or if it can be, then there is little point in going on living or trying to navigate life on any level. It seems my entire life, since my conversion, is a testament that this is not the case. My inner voice knew I had to resolve my own delimas on my own to recover my inner balance, to empower myself as a sovereign individual.

    I wish I could tell that christian, and I tell you all now, that if our bodies and what we sense with them can be so completely fooled, then we are living a pointless existence, nothing but targets for evil entities that milk our energy for their own purposes, trapped in a hell from which there can be no escape. However, through spiritual discernment - "by thier fruits, you shall know them". This is the essence and power of prayer, of communion with what I call, the universal cosmic consciousness which is responsible for all life throught the cosmos. These kinds of things have been my experiences with energy and vibration. They may not be enough to convince some people of the reality of this kind of subtle sensory perception, and that is okay. This is something each individual must gain personal experience of in his or her own way. Again, I emplore you to Download my PDF - Utilizing Universal Consciouness for Self Empowerment and True Success in Life.

Wake Up and Smell the Stench.

    At some point the masses must wake-up and demand, whom the bible refers to as the "Rich Men of the Earth", be brought to justice for their crimes against nature and mankind. The final reckoning is now upon us all. Mankind has to make a choice, as relying on government always results in failure.


    BE A PART OF IT - VISIT National Liberty Alliance, take the Free Constitution Course, the Civics Course, and get involved to take back our Republic.

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