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ARTICLE: 13 Dec. 2019

    Planet Earth's Dilemma, Part II

    Christians can not take the “High Road” either. Here are the reasons why!

    Religion was created by man, and requires blind faith. Blind faith being – believing in something without evidence, and sometimes with evidence to the contrary. Therefore, all religions are mythology! Religion has caused so much human misery from recorded history to the present day.

    Eusebius, a great early christian scholar stated, “early Christian fraud, deceptions, and forgeries, should be revered by church historians.” And by order of the emporor, the holy gospels being written by a literate evangelist were censored and corrected. The bishop of Constantinople stated, “Great is the force of deceit, provided it is not excited by treacherous intention. As long as your intentions were honorable, deceit is not only good, it is great.” Therefore, Deceit was Justified.

    There are many perplexing anomalies in the Bible. For example, Exodus 4:21-23 has God teaching Moses how to cope with Pharoh. But in Ex. 4:24 the very next sentence - “And it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the Lord met him, and sought to kill him [Moses].” Most scholars, pastors, preachers, rabbis, etc. will change it around to fit their narrative, agenda, or wishes, or scoff it off as “God works in mysterious ways”. They may even refer to their “dogma” to explain away this and many others. Moreover, regarding Exodus, there are a dozen translations with different versions of the story. Were all these divinely inspired?

    DOGMATISM – unwarranted stubborness of opinion

  • In the story of the Garden of Eden, there is nothing in the Bible about an apple!
  • Jonah was swallowed by a whale? No, the Bible he was swallowed by a great fish.
  • The Bible has 10 commandments? No, the Bible has 613 commandments in the Torah.
  • If you have a disobedient son, you take him beyond the walls of the city and kill him (Deut. 21:18-21)
  • Exodus 20:4, no graven image. Christians do not follow as they have crosses, images, statutes, etc.
  • No number of Magi, that came to visit, was ever mentioned in the Bible.
  • It is said, Jesus came in peace. However, in Matthew 10:34 Jesus says he comes not in peace, but with a sword.
  • Many authorships are assumed. For example, Mark, Mathew, Luke and John were the authors of the Gospels. They were not, but were assigned later by editors.
  • It is forbidden theologically to drink alcohol. Yet Jesus transmutated water into wine.
  • A statue of Jesus’ was put on the cross in the 6th century. Before that it was a plain cross.
  • In early pictographs of Jesus, he had short hair and clean shaven face. Many centuries later after his death however, he was given a beard and long hair. Many Greek and Roman gods had long flowing hair and beards.

    There are many facets of the birth, life and death of Jesus that matches incidental and historical accounts such as Mithraism, which preceeded Jesus by 1000 years. They are as follows;

  • Born Dec. 25th
  • Virgin birth
  • Witnesses followed a star
  • 12 diciples
  • performed miracles
  • practiced baptism / eucharist
  • rose from the dead
  • symbolized by a cross
  • worshipped on sunday
  • called the truth, the light, the word

    No one really knows the origins as it goes back thousands of years before Abraham. Osiris, Attis of Phrygia, Tammuz, Baal, Orus, Eros, Bromrillah, Alcides, Beddru, Deva, Hesus, Odin, Zoroaster, Mikado, Crite, Bali to name some. Everything in religion today can be found in these older ‘religions’ or whatever you want to call them. Perhaps the only thing original in Christianity is the Church.

    Nazareth did not exist in Jesus’ day. The Syrians in 700 BCE previously destroyed the area. It wasn’t occupied until about 800 years later.

    There are things and places in the New Testament that should be found by archeologists, but cannot be found. Some can be found to exist approx. 150 years later. This in fact proves the gospels were written at a much later time and why they are not an accurate historical record.

    It is said that the gospels were written symbolicaly, but that people were and are taking them literally.

    There was no one Messiah. Many groups had their idea of who was the Messiah. The Jewish requirement was that the Messiah would be a political figure, a reformer, and a warrior king. But Jesus was the opposite, therefore the Jewish people today still do not believe in him as their Messiah. The Jews had over 28 Messiahs, and rejected them all.

    The Ebionites were there during that time, and claimed to be the first Christians. But what group did they split off from? There were other men named Jesus at the time. Jesus of Ananias or Jesus Van Ananias, who some scholars say this is whom the story of Jesus was borrowed from. Even the Jews believed, and still believe, Jesus was born of normal parents.

    There is not one document in history referring to Jesus and his miracles, until 125 years after it supposedly happened. There are no writings by the Romans regarding him either. Why?

    Why did Paul write so much about Jesus, but never met him. And why did Paul preach a different version than Jesus. It is said Jesus wanted to get the Jews back to the original law, and not to change a dot or titel of the Torah. Paul said you don’t have to keep those cursed laws. This led to what began as two confessions or two denominations overtime. The Jewish christians and the Gentile christians. Today, people call Paul an apostle, but he was not, as Jesus died many years before Paul. The story of Paul in Acts was transparently borrowed from the conversion of Pentheus and Euripides the Bacchae and Heliodorus in 2 Maccabees chapter 3. Paul decides, tells and preches, that the Torah is no longer binding. However, Jesus said he come not to destroy the law of the prophets but to fulfill it. In Matthew 5:17 he further stated, you change nothing!

    Many pagan traditions were brought into the early Roman Catholic Church in order to bring the pagans into the church and enlarge the church coffers. Later if you didn’t convert, you were tortured into confession or killed. The Roman Catholic Church even brought Mary in and deified her, like Isis, Minerva, or Athena in the pantheons of ancient Aries in order to provide for the population what they believed in via Polytheism. Therefore the Holy Roman Church (ie. Catholic Church) had to consecrate these old shrines by building a ‘church’ there upon. This is why there are pagan shrines mixed with Catholic points of interest and worship. It wasn’t until 1854 that the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church decided Mary, the mother of Jesus, gave birth by immaculate conception.

    During the era, there were many written works, and many translations of those written works, by different cultures speaking different languages. Which mistranslations were later used to create the Bible? The Hebrew Old Testament was translated to Greek. But it was done badly. So badly it is considered by scholars as a travesty of history. The christians use the greek text, whereas the Jews use the original Hebrew vesion. Here is an example of the difference. The Greek translation of “maiden” into “virgin” changed the narrative completely. This puts 2 Timothy 3:16 in jeopardy – that all scripture is divinely inspired.

    In 458 B.C., the seventh year of Artaxerxes' reign in Persia, Ezra was commissioned to reestablish the Hebrew religion and law. According to 2 Ezdras, Ezra rewrote the history of the Hebrews from the beginning, and reestablished their laws. Was this the first time history was re-written?

    Another example, when did the first idea come about of the allegories around “christ”? Well, written in 1280 B.C., the Book of the Dead describes a god, Horus. Horus is the son of the god Osiris, born to a virgin mother. He was baptized in a river by Anup the Baptizer who was later beheaded. Like Jesus, Horus was tempted while alone in the desert, healed the sick, the blind, cast out demons, and walked on water. He raised Asar from the dead. Does “Asar” translate to “Lazarus”? He also had twelve disciples. Horus was bitten by a scorpion and after three days, Thoth was summoned and resurrected Horus back to life for his mother Isis.

    Osiris himself was the Jesus of his time, a man of Egypt some 15,000 years ago. From the Epic of Gilgamesh, there was a Sumerian named Utnapishtim, who lived just around 7,000 years ago. The ark he built is more than legend.

    This makes an intelligent and inquisitive person ask - Which books were chosen to be part of the Bible and why? Who defines, in scripture, what is allegory and what is fact? Who makes that decision??? There are 220 different christian religions because they can’t agree on what the “truth” is! This explains why many Pastors I spoke with about some of these issues, were never able to answer them. I have since discovered more.

    You would think many books would have been written at the current time about a ‘christ’. The only books that were written was decades later by a second generation. There were pagans at that time still worshipping pagan dieties. The Roman Catholic Church decided to bring these pagans into their church. So at the council of Nicea in 325, it was decided that from then on, that Jesus was the son of God, and there was only one God. Not a pantheon of gods or elohim. Anyone not believing this new creed, cult or religion, was put to death. Ancient books and libraries were destroyed. History was changed. Even the great library of Alexandria had been destroyed.

    One writer of history of that time, was Josephus. Take note of the following few bible verses, then compare with what he stated.

    Acts 9:31 (KJV), written approx. 80-130 CE, recalls:

Then had the churches rest throughout all Judaea and Galilee and Samaria, and were edified; and walking in the fear of the Lord, and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, were multiplied.

At the same time, the Council of Jerusalem was supposedly going on. Acts 15:12 (KJV) recalls the Church leaders speaking of the miracles that had occurred:
"Then all the multitude kept silence, and gave audience to Barnabas and Paul, declaring what miracles and wonders God had wrought among the Gentiles by them.

If Christianity was undergoing an explosive growth, then surely Josephus, a local and aspiring historian, would have noticed. However, Josephus in his The Life Of Flavius Josephus wrote:
And when I was about sixteen years old, I had a mind to make trial of the several sects that were among us. These sects are three: - The first is that of the Pharisees, the second that Sadducees, and the third that of the Essens, as we have frequently told you; for I thought that by this means I might choose the best, if I were once acquainted with them all; so I contented myself with hard fare, and underwent great difficulties, and went through them all.

In his Antiquities, Josephus does mention a fourth sect of Jewish philosophy. However, it's unrelated to Christianity. In Antiquities 18.[1.1-6].1-25, Josephus writes:
The Jews had for a great while had three sects of philosophy peculiar to themselves; the sect of the Essens, and the sect of the Sadducees, and the third sort of opinions was that of those called Pharisees; of which sects, although I have already spoken in the second book of the Jewish War, yet will I a little touch upon them now. [Explanation of each of these.] But of the fourth sect of Jewish philosophy, Judas the Galilean was the author. These men agree in all other things with the Pharisaic notions; but they have an inviolable attachment to liberty, and say that God is to be their only Ruler and Lord. They also do not value dying any kinds of death, nor indeed do they heed the deaths of their relations and friends, nor can any such fear make them call any man lord. And since this immovable resolution of theirs is well known to a great many, I shall speak no further about that matter; nor am I afraid that any thing I have said of them should be disbelieved, but rather fear, that what I have said is beneath the resolution they show when they undergo pain. And it was in Gessius Florus's time that the nation began to grow mad with this distemper, who was our procurator, and who occasioned the Jews to go wild with it by the abuse of his authority, and to make them revolt from the Romans. And these are the sects of Jewish philosophy.

Later, in Antiquities 13.[5.9].171-173, Josephus repeats the same message.

    Josephus had ample opportunity to mention the Christians, if they were a sizeable movement, and to talk about their leader, as he did with the fourth sect. Instead, Josephus is silent on any additional sects. His writings however, were rewritten, after the Council of Nicea, by order of Constantine, to make reference to Jesus, and not the pagan God(s).

    The Pope ordered the scholar Jerome to translate what was known of the Biible at that time into Latin. It is known as the Vulgate Bible. The assembling of these books is called “cannonization”. This happened in 200 AD. Its what the Roman Catholic Church says belongs in the Bible that it became so because it is ‘cannonized’, blessed by the pontificate (ie. the Pope). There were at least four more after that. Today we have more than 50 versions of the Bible. How can anyone read, study or discern the truth from all these varieties? And to determine for themselves, or by asking their Pastor / Rabbi / etc. what is allegory and what is not? Also to determine errors in translation as it went from Aramaic in Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin, to German, and then to English.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls are said to be written during the turn of the millenium. Yet christians do not read, study, compare, etc. these known first texts. Why? Because it contradicts their beliefs, dogma, agenda, etc. It is estimated that about 100 years after Christ there were already 40 different forms of “christianity” and 200 years later there were 80, each with different beliefs.

    It is said by the Roman Catholic Church, that the succession of the Papacy is from Peter. Yet Jesus said, according to Thomas, that his brother James shouuld succeed him. The Roman Catholic Church does not want people to believe that the Kingdom is here now. The purpose of the church is “redemption”, If the Kingdom is here now, what purpose is the church? They have to keep you brainwashed with their dogma, and make you believe the Pope is the “Vicar of God” which is written on his miter (ie. crown), or fish hat, he sometimes wears. In Malachi Martin’s book, “The Keys of the Blood”, it is stated - “The title of the Pope of Rome is Vacarious Filii Dei”. This adds up via numerology in Latin to 666, which Revelation says is the ‘mark’ of the religious beast!

    Jesus calls himself the “Son of Man”. Yet people want to say he is the “Son of God”. More dogma! In contradistinction of what Jesus supposedly said. Every instance in the Bible, but one, referring to “Sons of God” are referring to Angels. The one that doesn’t is in Revelation referring to the potential of man after death – IF he is resurrected as a Saint. Otherwise, you go to Hell to burn forever, or be burned completely, never to exist again, depending on what you choose to believe.

    In the gospel of James, Jesus after being resurrected stays on Earth 18 months before ascending to heaven. Another apocryphon has Jesus on Earth for 11 years instructing his disciples in the ways of life and promising them in the 12th year he will reveal the supreme mystery. In the text of Pistis Sophia (meaning wisdom), Jesus reveals himself as androgynous. A man, a savior, a female, the mother of all.

    The infancy gospels tell of a young 5 year old Jesus who disagreed with his teacher and blinded him. Molded clay by the river into sparrows, gave them life, and the sparrows flew away. He also killed a young boy who simply brushed him on the shoulder. These ‘gospels’ did not get ‘cannonized’ as part of the Bible.

    I previously mentioned the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. It was organized by Constantine outside of Constantinople after he moved the capital from Rome to Constantinople. Since the Christians could not make up their mind what they believe, he got all the bishops to come to his summer palace and told them stay here till you make up your mind on what the truth is. Constantine was not a convert to christianity. But he wanted to settle the debate and those who did not agree with the new decree became excommunicated heretics. He therefore created Imperial Christianity. Imperial as in ‘by force’ enforced by the State / Empire. He assassinated his own son Crispus, and his wife by having her boiled in water, personally killed his 2 brothers in law, and suffocated an elderly monk. He was considered one of the mass murderors of his day, regarding himself as the 2nd Coming of Christ, and was ‘sainted’ by the Roman Catholic Church. Yet he is responsible for what most ‘christians’ believe today. He was a Mithraist, but his mother belonged to what we would call Orthodox Christianity. Orthodox means “the right one”.

    This is also where the “trinity” came from. To settle the debate – are we to say Jesus was above Angels, but below God? Nah … he will be all 3 – Son, God, and Holy Spirit. It was invented to sustain monotheism (the belief in one God). This is not supported by the original greek scripture. It was added to the Latin manuscripts in 800 AD.

    There are many mistranslations, cultural misunderstanding, mistakes, errors, etc. in the Bible. For instance, Yahweh became Jehova. This was an honest mistake made 1500 years ago. Scholars know this. What about the “original sin”. The Greek word translated is “harmatium” an archery term that means “to miss the mark”. So contrary to what the Catholic Church would have you believe, it simply meant that Adam & Eve didn’t get it, they went down the wrong path so to speak. That is not a “sin”. This all means it is open to interpretation … so what is the truth?

    In many ways religion can devalue life. In early times the poor, and women, were commiting suicide to get their rewards. Later, it was considered by the ‘church’ as a mortal sin. But if you behave yourself, you will be allowed in heaven and obtain your reward by the blessings of a Cardinal, Bishop, or Pope himself. Abortion was common in early times. But the church made regulations as to when the “soul” entered the body of a baby. Total misunderstanding that the body is the soul. You are either a dead sould or a live soul. Until 1917, they said abortion is OK up until 40 days after conception under certain circumstances. However, abortion is not prohibited in scripture.

    The belief in ressurection was also a common belief in early days. Later it also appears in Judaism creeping in via hellinism.

    There is nothing in scripture providing for celebacy. This is a ruse for people to believe in the piety of the Catholic clergy.

    The Eucharist, was the final supper Jesus shared with his diciples before being murdered. The dietary laws of the Jews were sacred. The last thing they would have done is drink the blood of Jesus. This is absolutely pagan. It is an abominable notion to Jews. But in the Osiris religion, it was common to drink beer as Osiris was the god of grain. And likewise the bread, as it rises, is the body of Osiris. Mithra had the same sacrements. There were therefore early Eucharist ceremonies, brought over into the Hebrew / Judas (ie Judaism) / Jewish religion.

    There seems to be 2 different Gods in the Bible. One is benevolent, all loving creator of life. The other is malevolent, brings forth death and destruction, cursings of pestilence and disease, orders people to murder another group of people. And then there is Satan who tested God who was actually looking out for God’s creation. Hence the phrase, “Devil’s Advocate”. He was a neutral character in God’s court - 2nd in Command. The Roman Catholic Church decided that ALL the bads things that happened in the Bible, and on Earth since the beginning of time, is done by, or inspired by Satan where evil comes from. This puts off the idea that everyone is responsible for the own actions. Today it is common for criminals to say - “the Devil made me do it”.

    In all the pantheon of gods in ancient times, there was a god and a disobedient son of god. This disobedient usurper, in Revelation, was dipicted as a dragon. This dragon is also dipicted in ancient motifs. These dragon entities actaully come from the star cluster Draconis. Hence the name of dragon, the term dracronis, the serpent, as they are reptilian in appearance. They derive all they have, which is much technology, by brute force, slavery and murder. They embody the definition of evil. They are 12 to 15 feet tall, very menacing with red eyes, with thick reptilian skin, and the ruling class are white with winged appendeges and are in fact called the “white royals”.

    Doublets are two different versions, one must be right and the other wrong.

    For example – Noah and his ark. It states there came 2 of each species – male and female. But five lines later it was 7 of each one. The geneology of Jesus in Matthew it starts with Abraham 42 generations. Luke shows it going backwards to show Jesus came from one of the 12 tribes, 77 generations. There maybe only a 10% correlation, so either one or both are wrong. Is it any wonder, therefore, that some generations have been omitted, due to passing of stories from one generation to the next, such as in the Adam to Noah line? Not to mention the Noah to Jesus line? And the Aaron to Ezra line?

    Joseph is not the father if Jesus, if Jesus was the product of the Holy Spirit by immaculate conception. Obviously it is only there to legitimize the claim of Jesus’s claim, or perhaps the Jews (but they don’t believe he was the Messiah) or at least those who rewrote, mistranslated, and re-interpreted the cannonized collections of allegorical stories in order to maintain power.

    In Matthew Jesus had to be born no later than 4 BC, as it references Herod who died in 4 BC. The “star” was seen 2 years before. The census was every 14 years, and could not have been any earlier than 6 BC. Jewish Christian sources say Jesus was crucified under Alexander Jannaeus at about 182 BCE. And Irenaeus tells us that Jesus was crucified under Claudius Caesar once he reached the age of 49. In this the worlds most momentus occasion in the history of man, how come nobody can get these basic things straight or right?

    Did Simon of Cyrene carry the cross of Jesus according to Matthew, Mark and Luke? According to John it’s Jesus. On the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem they have points marked off where Jesus fell. There is nothing in scripture about this, or any dogma, but has simply become a Catholic tradition.

    The 6th commandment is – thou shalt not murder. But God orders Joshua into Jericho to murder all men, women, and children .. everyone in site, including the animals.

    The sermon on the mount is one of christianity’s most famous sermons. Yet Luke describes the same sermon in a plain. How are these “witnesses” confused as to a mountain versus a field?

    Psalm 145 reads the Lord is good to all. Yet Isaiah 4:45 reads I make peace and I make evil.

    There are also triplets of different versions in the Bible.

    Each of the Gospels have different stories. Was Jesus parted from them? Carried upto heaven? Or as in ACTS hanging around for 40 days then taken upto the sky?

    Which 3 different version of what He said on the cross at the moment of death? Was he disappointed by God, was he forsaken by God, was he challenging God, was he renouncing God? This has troubled theologians for 1700 years. Yet Luke says – “into thy hands I commit my spirit”. John writes that he said “it is finished”.

    Are there absurdities in the Bible? Sure enough!

    It uses “old science”. The waters rose to cover all the mountains and stayed there for 150 days, and slowly retreated. Does the geological record prove it? No. It would have to be approximately 6000 to 9000 years ago. Geologic Record shows the sea level may have risen about 5 feet above todays level. However, there is a place at the west end of the Mediterranean that was flooded. Ruins exist today under water where once was a very large valley amung the those mountainous regions. The flood story was simply taken from Babylonia, which in turn was taken from Samaria.

    Christians believe the Bible says the Earth is 6000 years old. However, it does not say that anywhere in scripture. Scientist say the Earth is millions of years old in accordance with the half-life of certain radioactive isotopes.

    Below is what we do know as to previous cataclysms caused by Tilting of the Earth and/or Subduction Zones and Tectonic Plates shifting on the planets mantel and soft magma. This gives a picture of the Earth over the past 35,000 years or so. Even some durations are not known, the change or shift happens within a fraction of a day. The Geologic Record shows animals killed so quickly that food is still in their mouth. [dates are from 1950]

North Polar Location Eras Ago in Years
Areas at North Pole Start End Duration
Arctic Ocean 7,000 ? ?
Sudan Basin 11,500 7,000 4,500
Hudson Bay 18,500 11,500 7,000
Caspian Sea 29,000 18,500 10,500
Wisconsin ? 29,000 ?

    Priests of Egypt are supposed to have told Solon during his ten years in Egypt (about 600 B.C.) that 9,000 years before that time there was a cataclysm which buried Atlantis beneath the ocean. Note that 9,000 + 600 B.C. + 2000 A.D. = approx. 11,600 years ago.

    Leviticus 23:40 provides for death to anyone who works on the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week (ie. Saturday). Has anyone killed anyone for working on Saturday? Or Sunday? Yet Jesus himself worked on the Sabbath!

    Did Moses record his own death? It is said that the Bible was recorded by witnesses. So, when Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness alone, and Satan showed up, tempting Jesus … who recorded that?

    If John the Baptist baptized Jesus ... why would the son of god need baptized? The purpose of which is to eliminate sin from a person. How could a God have sin?

    How fast can an estimated 2 ½ million people travel with all their family members, with their livestock herds and dogs, sheep, cattle and such? Approximately ½ mph. How could they outrun the Egyptians in chariots? It is not believable. Is it historical? Where is the evidence?

    Who recorded the Garden of Eden story? The stories were passed down through the ages. When this happens, stories are embellished and become distorted. Moreover, the real Genesis story, as most of the true accounts, were destroyed or lost. Genesis is certainly not historical. As Chan Thomas wrote in his book: It is most certainly allegorical. Because of the usage of "tree", "fruit", "serpent", "cherubim", and other words which were glyphs in the picture language of prehistory, it is evident that the Creation and Adam and Eve stories were probably originally written in the glyphs of Naga, the predominant Eastern Hemisphere language of 11,500 years ago. This language is nearly identical to ancient Mayan, and the progenitor of many languages, including Oriental and Polynesian tongues, Egyptian, Greek, and Yakut.2 We are informed that Ezra dictated the entire history to five scribes from memory, and this work contains Genesis as we know it today.

    Did Jews kill their saviour? No the Romans did. Was Pilate swayed by the Jews or Hebrews? And are these two groups one and the same? The simple answer is – No. During the time Jesus was supposedly born, there was a man named Judas of Galilee, a rabbi who some claimed was a Messiah. He was a revolutionary and refused to pay taxes. He raised an army and fought the Romans. They caught him and cut his head off, or crucified him, depending on which version you read, they also killed somewhere around 2000 to 3000 of his followers. The Sanhedrin was old enough to remember this massacre. Was it therefore possible that Jesus was crucified, not only to satisfy Pontius Pilate, but to save Jesus’s followers from slaughter? Could one mans death prevent what happened a generation before where thousands were killed for following another messiah?

    Did God sacrifice his ONLY Son? Child sacrifice was common in that era, as well as ancient times. The most important thing one owns is their firstborn son. This was ancient tradition that must have been carried over into the Catholic / Christian Religion and Dogma in order to bring pagans in to the fold.

    There is no question that christianity has been modified from its original intent, made from allegories, passed down stories and beliefs. The first christians did not believe Jesus was divine. They believe he had a normal birth, a normal father and a normal mother. That Paul was the anti-christ. Paul’s agenda was the exact opposite of Jesus. Forming a new religion versus reforming Judaism. Many christians pick and choose the passages they want to believe, and ignore others such as “call no man your father”.

    However, we now know what the ancient Sumerians wrote approximately 8000 years ago on the cunniform tablets, that for millenia were unable to be interpreted. Due to the Rosetta Stone, the mystery was finally unravelled, and mankind was shocked at the revelation. Many, due to cognitive disonance, did not believe it. Next, in Part III, is the written account I partially recounted in my book “World Problems, Solutions and a Plan” ... in PART IIINext Page. If you missed Part I, please Click Here.

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