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ARTICLE: 12 May 2015

    While You Were Distracted ...
            What Did They Do This Time?

    The Day After Freddy Gray was Killed, a New Revision for another Gun Bill (HR-1745) was Quietly brought and pushed. All while many people were distracted and/or paying attention to other things. How conveinent!?! Same modus operandi! This Bill However is an Outright Attack On Our Freedoms to Own Guns! Full Article Here. Its Goal Is to Eliminate OUR GUNS! All of this was Overshadowed and NEVER Mentioned by the Mainstream Media (MSM)! The Same MSM That Was Caught Putting Out Fake Pictures! Share this Info! People Need to be Aware of these Bills and All Other Attempts to Round Up Our Guns! STAND UP!

    Understand, they replaced our Constitution, and replaced our Government, thereby overthrowing the United States. Whistleblower and former Counsel for the United Nations, backs up my research and what I have disclosed in my NMT & PSP books, regarding this topic. She explains this in the following; Youtube Video (47 min.) and Shorter version (22 min.).

    New Poll of Washington Correspondents find: U.S. PUTO (president under title only) is more Hostile Towards Press Than Any President in History! There is SEVEN Criminal investigations against him. By his own actions, he has given the world proof he is just a lackey for the NWO globalist and their agenda. And in case you've heard that Al-Qaeda and ISIS, was created and controlled by the CIA, what the Mainstream Media (MSM) says is bunk, see this Special Video Report.

True Origins of ISIS Revealed

    This breaks down how the west cultivated the rise of ISIS to terrorize the world in order to give credence to their warmongering agenda to overthrow governments, take away more of your rights, to protect global corporate fascist control. Martial Law preparations have been confirmed!

    These globalist criminals still roam freely on this planet - Un-Punished, for plundering the resources of the people, their governments and treasury, their country of natural resources, committing fraud, treason, and genocide. The World MUST unite in their understanding of who THEY are, and bring them to justice. Else, we the human race will not be able to sustain and thrive in order to explore the heavens and our place in it. Your very life is at stake, while the U.S. is on the brink of total collapse.

    We the people, of the USA, have done absolutely NOTHING to hold our government accountable! The world is watching the people of the United States and screaming towards us - "Don't let it go down!". You see, they once saw us as the bastian of freedom. People would risk death to get here.

    But now they see us for who we really are. Allowing the MIC (military/industrial/complex) War Machine to wreck havoc, leaving in its wake pestilence and death. We the people of the once great republic USofA, are responsible. We are the only ones left, with arms, to put down insurrection of, and treason by, the lawyering syndicate who has taken over, selling themselves out - along with our country, for gifts (usually money) from Globalist owned Big Corporations who have more money than most countries.

    What if there was a Plan ...? What if you discovered their plan to psychologically condition you to accept martial law in America? What if you discovered that like 9-11, Sandy Hook, Baltimore bombing, during any 'exercise', an order to go 'live' may be made at any time? ( YouTube Video) Have you not witnessed police dressed in military garb with full riot/combat gear armed with automatic weapons and rolling down streets with tanks? While Operation Jade Helm is in full swing?

    Are you not thinking, like Bob Wells stated;
"It's the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany: You get the people used to the troops on the street, the appearance of uniformed troops and the militarization of the police. They're gathering intelligence. That's what they're doing. And they're moving logistics in place for martial law."

    Haven't you witnessed law enforcement brutally murdering unarmed Americans like rabid dogs? The alarming rate of increase cannot be ignored, even by the mainstream media (link: NY Times) as since 2009 there have been near 1100 deaths within the U.S. Police State. Even the extreme Left, the World Socialist Web Site reports that like Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, both unarmed, were killed by a hail of 137 bullets fired by 13 officers in Cleveland Ohio, U.S. Police kill on average between 1 and 2 people every day.

    Like I told people in the 1980's, When you leave your house, you shouldn't fear the criminal element, you should fear the police because they have become that bad! And that is a shame, and it is CRIMINAL as they have declared WAR on we the people. The number of Americans the U.S. Police have murdered since 9-11, exceeds the U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. This means you are 55 times more likely to die by the Police, than by so called "terrorists". So .... who are the real terrorists? They have attempted to strip your rights and liberties from you! All the while claiming the boogeymen / terrorist (whom they equipped and trained) is out to get you!

    It is on record, via leaked U.S. Army documents, that outline plans for Re-Education Camps in America. Thanks to the U.S. Government (aka lawyering syndicate) passing the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act of 2013. The U.S. has more people in prison than any nation. Are we really that bad? Are we the worst nation in the world? Even worse than Muslims who want to kill all infidels (christians) in accordance with their Koran?

    Will you wait until they snatch your wife? Your husband? Your child by CPS? According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the U.S, roughly 2,000 per day. The Congressional Pedophile Ring is big business!

    When will Americans get sick and tired of being brutally victimized and betrayed by their criminal government who is in league with an International Luciferian Bankster Cabal, the Bible calls - "the rich men of the Earth"? They are so blatant now, you can no longer stick your head in the sand. You are without excuse!

    When is enough - enough?

    How bad do you want to Stop this insanity?

    What if there was a Plan?!?

Stephen R. Renfrow©
SRR/all rights reserved

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