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ARTICLE: 9 July 2021


    See this Article for the Most Important Lawsuit regarding Big Tech and AI which threatens life on Earth.

    See this Article for the 2nd Most Important Lawsuit regarding Big Banks and Mortgage Fraud.

    This article references a lawsuit which involves the Deep State in Election Fraud.

    Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email and polymath, holds four degrees from MIT, is a world-renowned systems scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur. In his run for U.S. Senator he ran straight into the Deep State swamp in Massachusetts. He not only uncovered conspiracy to violate his rights, and election fraud, but also violation of Federal Election Law and Government Officials colluding with Twitter to censure/ban his speech. So he filed a lawsuit Pro Se.

    The mainstream news cover story that Big Tech is a independent private actor and not merely an agent of the government that actively allows the government to silently circumvent First Amendment restrictions, is swept away by the facts of Dr. Shiva's case.

    There is a statute that corporations hide behind, as well as government personnel, which protects both from lawsuit. However, when government personnel involves a corporation in the violation of a persons rights, then that corporation becomes what is known as a "State Actor" and is not protected. In fact, it opens them up for multiple lawsuits including Title 18 US Criminal Code, Section 241 & 242 - Violation of a Citizens Rights Under Color of Law, and Conspiracty to Violate those Rights.

    Dr. Shiva's lawsuit exposes how government personnel colluded and conspired to violate Election Laws and his Rights as he was running for Federal Office! And they denied it, even when proof was shown to the Judge in Federal Court. In fact, they even denied the Judge's Order! Can you imagine the odacity and ignorance of these people?

"The sole purpose of Twitter's "Trusted Partner" program is to allow the government to silence speech silently without any public scrutiny of the state's actions and to serve as the government's convenient cut-out that allows the government plausible deniability for its own actions ..."

    Dr. Shiva further stated,

"It is mandatory to examine every single case of censorship or deplatforming to determine the role played by the government in that decision to silence selected viewpoints. "

    You can listen to him, for free, on ArkMidnight Episode 260 - Get Educated or Be Enslaved describe his ongoing lawsuit. If you're short on time, I recommend the 3rd segment. John B. gives some good info as usual in the 1st Segment.

    You can also visit his website on the lawsuit, and read documents filed in the case. I particularly suggest the Second Amended Complaint for your enjoyment.

    For the sake of all future elections, and our God-given Right to freedom of expression, thought and speech - I hope and pray and therefore know he will be successful. In fact, the presiding Federal Judge declared this case is one of substantial constitutional consequences and a lawsuit that will likely become "a law school exam in Constitutional Law."

    Sometimes you just can't trust lawyers, and We the People have to do it ourselves. Just as I did by suing Washington Mutual Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Chase Home Loan Finance LLC, for Fraud, and violation of law, in U.S. District Court and 3 State Court lawsuits.

    As i'm putting the finishing touches on this article this Friday morning, 9 July 2021, I just heard on FOX Business - Maria in the Morning talking about Pres. Trump's new lawsuit against the Big 3 (Facebook, Twiiter, YouTube/Google/Alphabet), including their CEO's; Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Sundar Pichai, and Twitter's Jack Dorsey. I'm sure it is no coincidence Pres. Trump is using the same legal technique as Dr. Shiva above. And yesterday I was just thinking that he missed the boat, as his previous lawsuits must not have had the right legal question before the cour. Now it does! Moreover, its a Class Action lawsuit and if you were affected by the "cancel culture" you can join in the Class Action.

    The claim--a pivotal battle in defense of the First Amendment--seeks injunctive relief with prompt restitution and restoration and asks the court to impose punitive damages on the social media giants. According to Trump, this is the first of several other lawsuits and will be a significant "game-changer" for our country and freedom of speech.

    And of course, those stocks will take a dive. That why I just purchased 1000 of FNGD (3X Short Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google) after getting a Major Buy Signal on my charts. See chart below courtesy of StockCharts.

FNGD 3X Short

    As I've stated before folks ... it's not paranoia when they really are after you! Therefore, question EVERYTHING! What you must realize is that whenever we seek to avoid the responsibility for our own behavior, we do so by attempting to give that responsibility to some other individual or entity. Whether that is a Doctor, Lawyer, etc. this means we then give away our power to that entity.

Wake Up and Smell the Stench.

    At some point the masses must wake-up and demand, whom the bible refers to as the “Rich Men of the Earth”, be brought to justice for their crimes against nature and mankind. The final reckoning is now upon us all. Mankind has to make a choice, as relying on government always results in failure.


    BE A PART OF IT - VISIT National Liberty Alliance, take the Free Constitution Course, the Civics Course, and get involved to take back our Republic.

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