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ARTICLE: 07 Feb. 2021


    Actually the U.S.A. has been under attack by evil totalitarian globalist for decades and was proven so in the 1960's via the McCarthy Trials. But it all pails in comparison to largest cyber-attack in world history that happened on election night of 3rd of Nov. 2020. On the early morning hours of the 4th of Nov., the election was stolen from Pres. Donald Trump and given to "China" Joe Biden. This process was documented and is proof thereof. See for yourself at this video link. Watch and listen to what happened to Mike Lindel (thats right, My Pillow) after he started researching for himself and then created a show about what happened. You will see and hear documented proof and witnesses such as, congressmen, security experts, forensic analysis etc. This event was nothing short of the largest cyber-attack in the history of the world. See all involved - dates, times, sources, targets, country of origin, computer terminals ... all documenting the votes STOLEN from Pres. Trump! Proving he won by a landslide!

We Told You They Would Come for Your Guns:

    Federal gun control legislation has already been submitted in the new, Corruptocrat controlled Congress. Foaming at the mouth and slathering like pug dogs, they just couldn't wait. You can read more info, at this Link as well as the Amicus Brief filed by the Second Amendment Foundation to help protect your Rights that 'we the people' preserved in the original organic Constitution for these United States of America . Most people don't know there are 2, and that both Corp. U.S. and Congress are operating under the second illegitimate one. I believe NOTHING can, or will, get fixed until all of America comes to grip with this reality and forces them out of illegally occupying our seats of public trust. After all, Congress has declared War on the American People - and that means YOU!

    What happens if we lose this War the Luciferian globalist following leftist have declared on "we the people? See my previous article: What Happens if We Lose the War Against Our Republic.

More Links To FACTS We Know:

    2020 Election Stolen by Dominion Voter Systems - Hammer & Scorecard

    Pelosi's Chief of Staff is an Executive and Feinstein's Husband a Shareholder at Dominion, securing their re-elections. Joe Biden brags "we have the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION".

And ... Who are Major Shareholders in Dominion. Another Video: Dominion executive shows how to manipulate the votes.

    Video Proves: Trump votes diminish while Biden votes increase (flipping)

    Video Proof: Votes were not tabulated 1 for 1 (Ex: 1 Vote for Trump = 0.6 for Trump - 1.4 for Biden).

    Video: ballot harvesting, links to muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar in "Pay for Vote" plot. ABC EXPOSED via undercover footage - "Network won't give Trump credit" and "ABC intentionally misleads their own viewers for ratings". Also, ANTIFA admits they got grant from commie billionaire George Soros.

    In 1 week, Trump Legal Team collected over 500 Sworn Affidavits of 11,000 Vote Fraud incidents.

    USPS confirms Ballots were Dumped! And ... USPS Makes Extra Trips on Election Day!

    Vote Count Stopped at 2am Day after Election, with Pres. Trump ahead and only Red States left. Vote counts started up again between 4-6 am in Swing States ALL for Biden!!! And

Vote Count stopped - These were the numbers!

    Previous article, IF you need more Facts Sociailist Infiltrated Democrats are Completely Lawless!

What Was the KRAKEN?

    Retired Gen. McInerney states: US Special Forces Raided & Seized CIA Server Farm in Frankfurt Germany confiscated Domnion Servers with all data proving Vote Fraud via fraudulent algos. Sidney Powell quoted a former member of the 305th in the lawsuit, which declared that "a former electronic intelligence analyst under the 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence" told her that "the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran" to manipulate the election.

    Bribes given to State Officials to install Dominion voting machines. Campaign finance records show that Dominion employed 10 prominent lobbyists and budgeted $150 million for the job of bribing State politicians.

    FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg donates $300 Million to FIX the Elections.

Is it Time to Declare a "Failed State"?

    Article IV, Section 4, of our Constitution guarantees a republican form of government. Congress has every right to step in and change the government of any state that has failed to provide a republican form of government to its citizens. So does the president.

    What can you expect from the stolen Democratic victory? 28 times Dems excused or endorsed violence.

AND, 5 times China Joe openly urged violence.


Italian Government collapses over invovlment in US Vote Fraud and Stolen Election by Commiecrats.

    Maria Zack tells all regarding Italian Gov't involvement ;

Also - California splits into New California State Jan. 2020. This will change the Electoral Votes in favor of Pres. Trump! So NO - it's not over yet.

    Texas proposes to secede from the Union ...

    And Files 1st Lawsuit Against Biden Administration over Illegal Immigrant Policy.

    Whistleblowers Tell All ... Listen Free!

    There are some secret tapes you can listen to at and type in the search box "fruit of the poisonous tree, part one" and "fruit of the poisonous tree, part two". Meanwhile, the global markets, and the people's freedoms, will suffer under the Luciferian globalist Agenda 21!


    Supreme Court Says It Will Hear Election Lawsuits, so again ... it's not over yet!!!


    Three of four U.S. benchmarks, the S&P, NQ, and Russell 2000, finished at a record high Friday 5th Feb. 2021. Friday Non Farm Payrolls should have caused the markets to fumble but it didn't. The markets are gaining ground even though there was no correlation to speak of or economic news to drive it. It is ONLY driven by Federal Reserve buying stocks to prop up the markets. This QE has been going on since the 2008 Crash! We are now in the biggest bubble in history and you can guess what that means when it finally pops!


    The news of ILLEGAL "China Joe"s $1.9 Trillion stimulus package is already (1st week Feb. 2021) lifting risk assets. Former Treasury Secretary under President Obama, Larry Summers, seems to agree that inflation is and will show up. Last week, he said that Biden's $1.9 trillion plan is three times larger than the shortfall in output and could seriously overheat the economy. So get ready for inflation - higher prices for all. Starting with Oil, Natural Gas and Gasoline prices as they have been going up every week since "China Joe" stole the presidency.


    China Joe has made it clear that he is ready to sacrifice American jobs and increase the cost of oil and gas for his vision of a green planet. Yet so far, the trend is having the opposite effect. We knew this would happen and I'll bet there will be more pain for U.S. consumers thanks to Chana Joe's green dreams. By killing pipelines and drilling pauses, he is already installing an invisible tax on all Americans. That tax will be paid in large part to foreign oil producers that will prosper off the backs of working Americans.

    GDP is also in negative territory, and just like in 2008 ... what do you think is going to happen? Another key indicator is Mortgage Deliquencies (see chart below) which are skyrocketing. Of course it's to be expected when so many people have lost their jobs, and more jobs were lost in Dec. 2020 at a time when there is usually more hires.



    The American people have never seen anything like it. And all this while China builds builds a foothold in the Bahamas less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida. China is also buying up land all across the United States! NBC article here

    Pres. Trump gave a special prime time presentation explaining the greatest criminal conspiratorial “ELECTION THEFT” plot in U.S. history and the entire Mainstream Media universally censors it. That can only mean one thing: the major corporate media corporations are all in on the steal. Anyone who jokes about this is "part of the problem" either from ignorance, or pure stupidity - as it is right in your face! What’s even more clear is that every major MSM organ of the propaganda and prevarication was/is a central co-conspirator in this scheme to steal the 2020 POTUS election. Each one of them is prominently configured in this plot to overthrow the President of the United States of America. This is how cover-up and disinformation campaigns work folks!

    Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron Testifies Under Oath regarding illegal voting machine algorithms. and another link here, and he Testified in Arizona.

    The colossal, horrifying crime that took place over the entire United States of America, against all citizens, is unimagineable to the average person. Yet, it did happen right before your eyes -AND- yet No One is brought to justice. The FBI, CIA, U.S. Justice Dept., the BAR, Supreme Court Judges, ALL democrat and Rino congressmen, turned a blind eye and told all who warned them ahead of time to "stand down". This can ONLY mean that they are all implicated in TREASON, INSURRECTION, and other High Crimes! As I mentioned in my PSP book, who do you go to when even the judiciary is corrupt??? As I mentioned before, and in my PSP book (2014), we must bring the perpetrators of these global conspiratorial calamaties to justice for the world to witness, and document it for future generations to see as education on the effects of reprobate minds upon society. ONLY then, can we move on to a peaceful and sustainable world.


CHANGE IS COMING ... BELIEVE IT! And THIS is What They are Really Scared Of! !

    BE A PART OF DISCLOSURE - Watch the CE5 Film, and get involved to free the world of its fear and pain!

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