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ARTICLE: 06 March 2015

NWO Today - And Your Contribution!

    People are trying to make sense of todays geo-political climate. As a trader in the commodities market, I try to keep aware of what is happening on a global scale as it most certainly has an effect on markets. Here is my analysis of the current situation.

    While attention has certainly centered around the Ukraine as of late, I tend to look at the bigger picture because the mainstream media seems to always be misdirecting your attention. What concerns me is that Greece, under their Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis, seems to be wanting to stay in the failed EU experiment, despite the fact the newly elected Syriza party is telling the EU - we do not want your debt enslavement.

    Perhpas they should consider partnering with Russia (and possibly China) by having natural gas pipelines running through Greece, bringing them income in Rubles to pay the debt owed to the EU. This would not bode well for the Central Banksters within the EU. Their modis operandi is burden every nation with debt.

    BHO The biggest hegemony lies within the US/UK military/industrial/government complex as they muscle their FED fiat ponzi scheme worldwide by force, utilizing its mostly young and ignorant imperial stormtroopers. Their main opposition has been Putin, while Russian payback has been BHO administration sanctions and coup in Ukraine. Back in the USA, Obama has made fewer pardons than Garfields' presidency in the 1800's who only served 200 days before being assassinated. But moreover, BHO has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all Presidents combined, actually protecting criminal activity among the aforesaid complex - the trinity of evil.

    Of course opium production, under the above mentioned hegemony, is at an all time high within Afghanistan in order to fund the CIA drug empire and its clandestine black operations. Such as CIA trained and sponsored terrorists, aka Al-Qaeda or ISIS or whatever they want to call them these days (more mis-direction). Not to mention the CIA covert operaton that stole 144 tons of gold from Ghadaffi's Libya. Their plot in Syria was intervened by Putin. Personally I can see no justifiable reason for being there, other than it may be an alternative route for Putins' pipeline. It should be obvious to any Joe on the street, that the common theme is war from the Nobel Peace Prize winning US PUTO (prez under title only).

    But if you'll notice, war is not on the agenda of Russia, China or the BRICS nations. They are simply moving forward making economic deals with any country fed up with the International Luciferian Bankster Cabals' fiat monetary ponzie scheme that I write about in my PSP book. These are the real enemy the world should be focusing on, who operate seemingly in the shadows - and at the same time in the open, who must be brought to justice.

    Otherwise, the debt enslavement tactics pushed on the world under the IBS, WTO, Federal Reserve Corp., World Bank, etc. will continue to benefit ONLY the elite's private banking system. Until we, as mankind the world over, understands this system of fraud and servitude, the debt enslavement of the moneychangers will continue to pravail while true factors of supply and demand will not. Here is a Chart showing the Debt Enslavement of Nations today!


    It seems One World Government is already here! And people are hoping for an outside force to intervene. Perhaps China with all its gold, or Russia with all its gold and natural resources. Perhaps combined with the other BRICS nations putting an end to the elite's fiat control system. I don't see the Ruble or Yuan taking the place of the US Fed Note as the world's reserve currency. Neither China or Russia seems willing to open up their country to the scrutiny that comes with a reserve currency. In fact, they both seem to support participation within the IMF and IBS which are the central bank for all central banks. Both of which are run by the International Luciferian Bankster Cabal / Illuminati, so there you go. We can't count on that external change!

    How many people have the courage and fortitude to stand up to the treasonous and criminal behaviour of the worlds elite? When leaders of countries are falling into their trap ... what hope is there?

    So if the change is not going to come externally, it must come from internally. Meaning YOU and I, or We the People. What does that entail? For one ... Stop participating in their insanity. The problem of course is, most people don't have a clue as to what that entails, and even fewer have the resolve to remove themselves from the private corporate scheme being laid upon them by trickery and sorcery.

    Where would these elites and their NWO agenda be if you decided not to participate in, or play their game? It is a choice everyone makes, and most make the choice to continue to be a part of the problem. Not knowing the choices is part of the problem. But ... What if you knew the choices? How would they rob Peter to pay Paul, if Peter said - "I'm not going to participate in your scam anymore!".

What if their was a Plan - and you did nothing?!?

    My NMT book shows how to cut them off at the source. My PSP book shows how to put them in the pot, cook them until they scream the truth, arrest the rest of their gang, confiscate and redistribute stolen loot, and release the stolen technology they possess. The facade of evil by Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Government, and Big Military backing of Global Corporations will finally fall. All will be revealed.
Is this not what YOU want?

Stephen R. Renfrow©
SRR/all rights reserved

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