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ARTICLE: 03 August 2014

    China Leads Currency War - Where is US Gold?

    As I reported in the PSP Book, China is on its way to having the next World Reserve Currency. And as reported in my last article 20th July 2014, the BRIC nations are seeing to it that it is accomplished by creating trading blocs that do not use the U.S. FED ponzi scheme fiat currency. Recently India thumbed its nose up to the WTO (world trade organization) refusing to sign a global trade agreement with the U.S. One has to ask - What does akk this mean for the USA? Most likely a crash of the U.S. currency and therefore its economy. In addition, as I have mentioned in the PSP book and elsewhere, the U.S. corporate government spearheaded by the lawyering syndicate prostituting for the globalist hell bent on a NWO takedown of the U.S and its armed citizens is now playing out before our eyes.

    You see, the world has discovered the fact that U.S. Banks are insolvent. They understand the U.S. is BANKRUPT. The U.S. Gov't declared so in 1933 along with their Emergency Powers Act. The ONLY thing keept it afloat was .... believe it or not - "faith" that the U.S. can someday pull a rabbitt out of its hat. But throughout history, no fiat based currency survives. The average is about 200 years before collapse is immminent. Suffice it to say, the whold world (except maybe some communist Americans - an oxymoron) has lost their "faith" in the U.S. Gov't. Remember what happened recently when the world lost faith in Greece! Their cost of borrowing went from approximately 5% in Jan. 2009 upto 17% by mid 2010. The world found out the country's deficit was 12% of GDP, not 3% the Greek's had been claiming, and their unemployment was 30%.

    Here is what the current U.S. inflation looks like according to, and courtesy of -

    I mentioned on John B. Well's show "Caravan to Midnight" (Ep.99), that the parallels between the present day United States and 1920ís Germany, are too substantial to be ignored. They are as follows;
  1. Staggering war debt;
  2. Unprecedented budget deficits;
  3. Soaring rates of unemployment at, or nearing, depression levels;
  4. Growing protests violently suppressed by police forces;
  5. The virtual elimination of the middle classes as tens of millions fall into poverty and homelessness;
  6. Draconian new laws passed to eliminate all freedoms;
  7. The rapid building of new prisons and concentration camps;
  8. Massively growing police forces and internal checkpoints;
  9. The creation of an elite upper class to which nearly all money flows; and
  10. The takeover by the elite upper classes of the political process and all politicians and political parties.
Does that not describe where the U.S. is Today?

    With headlines like these, you know it is getting close as the writing is on the wall.

People's Bank of China Will Take Down Global Gold Price Manipulation.
Chinese Credit Expands at Fastest Pace in 3 Months
Renminbi - The Global Challenge to US Hegemoney
US Calls on China to Overhaul Exchange Rate Policy
Chinese Allowed to Own Gold
Chinese Savers Now Have More Than US
China On World Buying Spree for Gold Mines
China Agrees to London Renminbi Clearing Bank
China Stockpiling Gold

    But here is the Big One! China Expected to Announce It Has More Than Doubled Its Gold Reserve. And if so, it will hold more than the U.S. in Gold Reserves. How could that be? China announces its Gold Reserves about every 5 years. The last time was in April 2009 when they announced holding 1,054 tons. They should soon be announcing what their reserves are now! In contract, recent research has revealed that the Federal Reserve has been selling off the U.S. Gold Reserves to the tune of about 5,557 tons over the past 20 years, leaving less than 2600 tons (according to Sovereign Society and FT-900 Report by the U.S. Commerce Dept.'s Bureau of Economic Analysis). Meanwhile, China has imported approx. 2,854 tons since Sept. 2011 according to Hong Kong Census and Statistics Dept.

    This brings new light into why the FED will not allow any audits. Numerous attempts including a bill by Ron Paul to "Audit the FED" has gone unanswered. This proves, in my mind, the FED bankster cabal is criminal in nature. Duh! In addition, the U.S. holding about 300 tons of Germany's gold after WWII, has renigged on their deal. Germany recently demanded their gold back, and the U.S. said OK - but over a Seven Year period. What Brass Balls!!! They will not even let Germany inspect their gold! Do you think that's a mistake? After all, Germany has strong ties with Russia and China. Are we going to force them to build a Million Man Army to protect their interests? Former World Bank Senior Counsel turned whistleblower, Karen Hudes, recently stated;

"I don't believe there is any gold being held in Ft. Knox."

    So apparently the U.S. has been lying about its Gold Reserves being "flat" around 8,500 tons since the 1970's. And on the face it, it would certainly seem impossible in light of the above! Since the rest of the world no longer wants to do buiness with U.S. or its FED fiat currency, errouneously called a "dollar", the writing is truly on the wall. And everything I've been saying and writing about since the early 1980's is about to come home and roost. The U.S. WILL DEFAULT ON ITS DEBT. Actually, we already have! Now understand - I believe the crash of the dollar is a "Good Thing", as we need to get rid of the Banksters "Funny Money". It's what will happen in the interim that will have every Citizen, and citizen alike, scrambling for food, necessities, and maybe even life itself.

    Hope you've been preparing. There have been plenty of warnings. Check out these YouTube Videos, They're Getting Ready for Something, and this one, What is Happening Across America. Then Read this Special Report from an operative talking to a 4 Star General as to why the General had to leave his home, take his wife and leave the country! Read this 4 Star General ReportNOW!

    Land of the Free .... Home of the Brave! Are you kidding me? This is your WAKE UP CALL AMERICA. You MUST Act Now or Forever - Hold Your Peace! READ THE PLAN ! !

Stephen R. Renfrow©
SRR/all rights reserved

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