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ARTICLE: 01 October 2019

    A Look Inside the Tears of a Little Girl

    In the middle of January 2015 Pope Francis visited the Philippines. On this visit, a twelve-year-old girl gave a speech and asked the Pope: "why does God allow children to suffer?" This question and the girl's tears visibly moved the Pope, but he had no real answer for the child.

    This illustrates the problem with the current Christian orthodoxy. God has been made into a patriarchal figurehead. A majority of Christians believe that this god makes conscious decisions about the events in their everyday lives. This is evident in the numerous times we see sportspeople, musicians, and actors receive a commendation and proceed to thank God for their talents. God does not make one person talented above another. These talents, or attributes, are acquired through good genes, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time. We should ask ourselves: what does this kind of rhetoric and thinking do to a young person, who does not have any of these talents or opportunities? Is the god of these talented people favouring them, just as he favours children who live in a healthy, happy environment?

    Is this the kind of father Jesus spoke of? The answer is a resounding no.

    In response to the child's question, our world is as it is because of the way we have evolved (not as in evolution). The decisions humans made have given us a world that is full of evil, with corrupted mega-corporations that control governments, poison our bodies, are destroying our environment out of pure greed for money and power to control. Most people in our world have been brainwashed to be materialistic and make decisions favouring economic growth, rather than ethical approaches to mankind and our environment. Believing that a supreme godhead will solve all these issues is a false perception and a very dangerous one. It is the root cause of much of the world's problems. This is the fault of the church and its religion.

    Religion, as it currently exists, does not teach you spiritual truths, how to battle evil, meditate and connect with the universal cosmic consciousness, co-create, quantum touch (healing) or any of the things Jesus said you would do. Because churches are apostate, this is so. In fact, he knew this would happen and told us - "come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues", Rev. 18:4.

    We must understand what Jesus truly meant in His teachings. This truth permits us to separate religion from global affairs and allows true science to work with matters that relate to the material world, which so-called higher education is not providing. It means we use the logic of true science to make decisions pertaining to our physical existence, which will give us a world that is free of self-imposed suffering. The world of the Spirit is completely different to the world we experience with our limited physical senses. This universe has been inspired by another realm/dimension, but it is not controlled by it. Ultimately, this is the answer to the child's question.

And this is why, I'm writing my next book. Please stay tuned!

    He also mandates that we keep and maintain justice. As I wrote in my PSP book;

Doesn't the Bible mandate that we stand up to anyone that does injustice? Are we commanded to do Justice? (see Micah 6:8) Indeed, there is a constant call to do justice as it is mentioned over 200 times in the Bible. Hebrews 11:33 tells us we are God's hands for dispensing and administering justice. God is displeased when there is no justice (see Isaiah 59:13-16). He tells us to "seek justice" Isaiah 1:17; "maintain justice" Psalm 106.3, Isaiah 56:1; "do what is just and right" Jer. 22:3,13-17; "follow justice and justice alone" Deut. 16:19,20; because He loves justice (see Job 11:5,7). These are action words brother, you can't get there by praying! "Blessed are the peacemakers", Matthew 5:9.

    This is why I stand behind the effort of Pres. Trump to drain the swamp. Why people hate him so should tell you something about them! If you missed my previous article, please review here - MAJOR EVENT HORIZON.

<------------ / IMAGINE / ------------>

You take your first breath in this dream.

People rush from place to place. Everybody seeks more of everything, always rushing, never enough time.

Occasionally you bump into a kind man, a gentle man, He asks you to wake up. You don't hear, you are too busy.

Sometimes He is an old woman in a grocery store smelling the sweet perfume of a new season mango.

Sometimes He is the friend that comes to your home when you have been unwell,

Sometimes He is the child you observe on a swing, giggling at the birds as they fly by,

Sometimes He is the baby you watch in its bed that smiles for no apparent reason,

Sometimes He is the colleague who gives you a warm hug when you need one the most.

Imagine ... this world.

Imagine being born into this dream.

People starve while others destroy excess food crops because it is not profitable to give them away.

People commit acts of extreme violence because they want pieces of ephemeral land.

Imagine this world.

Imagine the gentle man who so often asks you to wake up, but you ignore Him, because you are too busy, too tired, too obsessed with whatever it is you need to do, have, achieve, get to, complete on time.

Imagine that one day the dream you walk around in becomes too much for you.

You stop.

He asks you "What do you want?"
You say "I want to know, I want to stop, I want to see"

You open your eyes ... for the first time.

I remember now!


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